Appalachia – Tuesday – 3.27.18

We started off the day again at 7:15 for breakfast and devotions. We talked about being open to the purpose that God has for us here, and to go into it with an open mind. Then we headed off to each of our work sites. We made a lot of progress today and all worked very hard to get the job done. We replaced flooring, painted inside, and replaced some of the porch and painted it. The thing that really stood out for me today was how even though the work might seem like it will be boring and not fun, it’s different knowing that you are doing it to help another person. It makes your work meaningful and can be life changing for someone else even though it didn’t take much for you to do it. This taught me to have an open mindset throughout my life. We never know when the opportunity might come upon us to help another person, but we have to be willing and go into it knowing that I can make a difference.

– Haley, 11th Grade

We all arrived at the job site this morning tired from our previous day’s work and a little unmotivated. But when we started getting down to work, our spirits picked up. We started with stripping all of the old shingles off of the roof and we learned how to lay new shingles. The work was tedious, but we found a way to make it fun. We noticed the carpenter was saying “shangles” instead of shingles. So everyone started saying “shangles.” Then I said we bang the shangles because we nail them in. So we developed into the “Shangle bangers.” We were all in a great mood and we worked more effectively. This just shows that even though you may not want to do hard labor, you can make the work enjoyable. Not to mention, helping those in need results in a happy attitude.

– Grant, 10th Grade

Today, we started the day by unloading the old shingles in the dumpster before going to the work site. While we were down there, Mr. King decided it would be fun to throw rocks at a “target” (really an old saw blade in a tree). We had a great time, but no one was good at aiming. When we got to the work site, we immediately started working on the old shingles from the other side of the roof. Personally, I worked on the edge of the roof pulling old nails out. I am not a fan of heights but it is amazing the things we will do to help people. My favorite part of the day had to be after lunch when I got to help put the new shingles on. It was very satisfying to see the final product start to come together. The little girl at the house was sad because she thought we were destroying her grandfather’s house but I think she will love it when we are done. I have truly enjoyed learning how to shingle a roof and my group makes it so much fun. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us the rest of the week.

– Erica, 10th Grade

Thank you everyone for being in prayer for our safety, attitudes as well as for opportunities to glorify Christ. Your prayers are proving fruitful. The students on the Appalachia trip not only are so thankful for being here, they want to make a change. Students are coming face to face with stunning poverty right here in the United States. Today, students gave up their lunches, bought bottled water/snacks and showed the light of Christ to the neighbors of our work site. They immediately started to put plans into place to help improve the lives of an additional family that are in dire straights. They know that giving food and shelter are a temporary fix, but they are praying for the conviction of Christ’s living water. Our students are thoughtful and giving – they are also beginning to see that less is more. Over and over this week, they are peeling back the onion on the noise we all have in our lives: technology, social media, work, and athletics. Many students explained, “I always want more, and that does not make me happy. These people have so little, but they are so happy.” God is moving in a powerful way at the intersection of all of our lives. Parent’s provision of the trip provides the materials to fix the houses that students receive the blessing of helping others – and this grows in students confidence and expands our comfort zones. We are all doing well after a bonfire night, fellowship and s’mores. We are looking forward to a day of rest and enjoying God’s beautiful creation tomorrow. – Mrs. Tracy Hollars

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