Appalachia – Wednesday – 3.28.18

Today was a good day. It was our free day and so we were going on a hike. But, first things first, we had to eat breakfast and cleaned the cabin and busses… which needed it really bad. Eventually we got it all done and we were on our way to the falls. We stopped by Bojangles and got some good ole fried chicken. It was customer appreciation day, so the workers brought out mini Bo Berry biscuits.
— Anna Grace – 10th Grade

After lunch we headed on our way to hike Cumberland Falls. We first started at the visitor center so that we could see the falls up close –  and I mean it was HUGE! Up close it wasn’t very flattering but when we went further away from it you say how beautiful it was. It was a great example of what God does in our lives – it might not be flattering at first but when we take a step back and breathe we can see the beautiful big picture. We took to the trails…… man those stairs…. Anyways when we got to the smaller waterfall Lollie, Elisha, Chloe and I set up our enos. The mist from the waterfall coated us with water and the weather was amazing! Lollie couldn’t find her phone and she finally found it in the water… No worries it still worked…. God’s miracle right there. I went to a Mexican restaurant and REAL FOOD IS A BLESSING. We are truly blessed everyday. You never know how much you take for granted till you don’t have it. Thank God for our experiences.
— Mary Claire 10th grade

On Wednesday, we took a break from our work projects and drove down to -WHEREVER WE WERE- to go for a hike. We stopped on the way to grab lunch at Bojangles, which maybe wasn’t the best choice for a hike, but the food was delicious anyway. The hike was beautiful and we climbed on top of the boulders that lay around the river. Afterwards, we ate dinner at Cracker Barrel and -MEXICAN RESTAURANT- and grabbed a drink at Starbucks (if you had any room left after our meal). We drove home scream-singing along to High School Musical and Justin Bieber songs and were just about ready to go to bed when we returned to the camp at 9.
— Elise,

11th Grade

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