Charleston – Tuesday – 3.27.18

Eight miles and 24 flights of stairs–that’s what most of our crew did today!  After a breakfast for champions, we headed over to Patriot’s Point to take the boat out to Fort Sumter.  After a brief talk by Ranger James, students were free to explore the partially restored fort and review everything Mrs. Clark taught them in U.S. History. Annika and Julia found bricks that still bore the indentations where their makers grabbed them out of the molds!  

Mr. Hendrix took us to his favorite pizza place for lunch and then it was back to Patriot’s point to see the USS Yorktown.  Students marveled at the conditions Ww2 sailors worked in, slept in, and served in. Some of our taller students wanted to know “were people shorter back then?  how did they keep from smacking their heads on all the ship’s doorways all the time?”

Some of the kids took advantage of a newer exhibit called the Vietnam Experience. Cherokee and Matthew thought the exhibit was both interactive and inspiring. In addition to over twenty vehicles, helicopters, bunkers and buildings, the whole exhibit is set up like a home base camp in the battle of Khe Sanh.  Videos of veterans at each stage talked us through the battle and provided a sober reminder of the deadly enemy they faced.

Dinner was at the famous Hyman’s for mouth watering seafood dishes and then we walked a few blocks to the Black Fedora, a comedy mystery theater that draws people from the audience to play certain roles.  Thomas, Travis, Annika, and Cherokee played parts that required British accents, speaking Wookie and dancing on cue. Caution: there may be video of these performances.


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