Charleston – Wednesday – 3.28.18

Good evening from Charleston Harbor!  Charleston life seems to center around the water and tides and today, ours did too.  We just finished our day at Cookout for some late night burgers and desserts. Earlier this evening we took a lovely tour of the harbor at sunset aboard the schooner Pride.  Travis and Annika got to assist the captain with the hoisting of the center sail. The voyage was so relaxing and many of our kids remarked it was their favorite activity this week.  Of course, it might have been Mr. Hendrix’s stories that kept us so entertained. Everyone begged me to stop Thomas and Jake from reenacting the scene from the movie Titanic over and over.  

We began the day by visiting the confederate submarine H.L.Hunley.  We had a terrific tour guide who knew everything about the technology and engineering of the ship as well as the history and human story.  It was fascinating! Julia remarked that it was so interesting that the ship took about 40 years to fill up with sand and pluff mud which at first seemed like such a negative and difficult challenge but in the final analysis it was all that sand and muck that saved all the artifacts and information about what happened to the ship and crew. It’s interesting how our viewpoint can change with more information!

After the Hunley visit we booked it down to Folly Beach for our stand up paddle board lessons.  What a difference 48 hours makes! Today was all warm yellow sun and blue skies as our crew paddled their way along Folly Beach.  We had lots of fun in the sun and we have the sunburns to prove it! After a couple hours on the water we sampled a few local restaurants that served up scrumptious things like shrimp po’ boys with fried green tomatoes.  Jacob, Matthew, Joseph, and J.D. tried out some gator tail and frog legs that they described as “really good” (I will just take their word on that).Defending his choice of fried chicken, Steven explained that “they use the same fryer for the chicken and the fish and it makes the chicken taste better.”  You really can’t argue with that. The rest of our gang split between Cajun and southwestern cuisine. All agreed that these roadside restaurants are worth taking a chance on.

We have had a wonderful time getting to know the city and each other.  Thank you to our administration and to our parents for this opportunity.  My hope is that your kids get the chance to show you around Charleston one day.

— Rachel Hedges


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