College Tour – Tuesday – 3.27.18

We woke up at 5:30am, as Grace Brasington and Ic decided to work out early in the morning to jump start our day, then we got ready and ate breakfast at the hotel. We left around 8am to go to Columbus State University. We had an info session telling us the overview of the college and then we had a guided tour of the main campus – we got the see the rec center, the dorms and their business and science building. A really cool thing we got to see was where they are storing a time capsule to be opened in 2056. After the tour, we stopped into the book store, and grabbed some souvenirs. Then we had lunch on campus in the dining hall (the food was amazing), and we left CSU around 12pm and headed on a long bus ride to Georgia Southwestern University. It was a beautiful day, and just the right weather to tour, we got to see the basketball gym, the rec center and the really creative fine arts building. There were people doing pottery and we got to see glass blowing. The professor went out of his way to make a piece just for our group and to tell us how he makes the glass. Some people won t-shirts at the info session at the end of the day and that was really fun. We learned a lot about the nursing and fine arts programs offered there. GSW was a great way to end the colleges for this day. Now we are on our way to Macon to check into our hotel, eat dinner and go bowling!

By: Hallie Puckett 9th

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