Foodie Tour – Wednesday – 3.28.18

Wednesday kicked off with a great breakfast provided by Mrs. West- Stilesboro biscuits! This provided the fuel we needed for a long morning of sorting, counting, and bagging the food received from the food drive.  We formed an assembly line to get all the food from upstairs to downstairs (and only dropped one or two bags of cans down the stairs in the process!). Once we managed to completely load up a truck and our minibus, we headed over to Acworth Elementary. In Acworth Elementary they have a whole room that acts like a mini store where families in need can grab all kinds of different donated goods. The difference in the amount of food on the shelves of the room from when we arrived there to when we left was amazing- and we couldn’t even fit everything that was donated! My favorite part of Wednesday was seeing the look on the lady in charge’s face when everything was finally put in its place and some shelves were just a step away from overflowing. She looked so grateful and I felt so blessed to have had the opportunity to help out in our own community.

Once we had stocked the shelves at Acworth Elementary to the point that they were almost overflowing, we still had food left- still about half of the truck. We headed over to Must Ministries where we donated the rest of the food. It was encouraging to see how much food was donated and how much of a difference it made. We then went to the farmers market at KSU where we were able to enjoy some time outdoors in the sunny (somewhat warm) weather we have been deprived of for so long. It was lots of fun, mostly because there were free cookies.. Nevertheless, my favorite part of today was definitely being able to fill shelves with food and be a blessing to our neighbors at the elementary school and Must Ministries. It was incredible to see the shelves go from not full to almost overflowing because of generous contributions of food and items from people who felt called to serve and be a blessing in the community.

After our visit to Must Ministries to donate the food brought in, Mrs. West took us on a tour of Indian food at Moon Indian Cuisine. Some were apprehensive to try the fare (it was many people’s first time having Indian), but by the end of our meal, everyone was pleasantly surprised and satisfied. Watching everyone’s reactions was priceless! After our delightful dining experience, we walked over to the Sweet Hut across the street for some dessert. It was the perfect ending to our day. Being able to share sweets and laughs with friends was an even greater treat than the actual dessert! It was a very gratifying day, not only being able to experience different and delicious foods, but also being able to help our community and know we’re making a difference in people’s lives. It really opened my eyes to see how blessed we were to be so full!

— Christine Resultan, Natalie Cooper and Marjan Eden

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