Local Missions: Cobb – Wednesday – 3.28.18

Day 3 was spent at the Atlanta Food Bank, sorting and packaging food for the needy. More than 1 in every 4 Georgia kids live in food insecure households.The AFB is a hub that provides food to 29 counties in GA around Atlanta.  The operation depends heavily on food donations and volunteers.

In Sharnard Banks’ words:
My experience at the Atlanta food bank was one of a kind. The best part of the whole operation was seeing everyone work together to complete a task. Each and every individual worked as hard as they could, so that we can make a big impact on the community. Everyone came with a smile, and a heart willing to serve. It really is a great feeling to know I put a smile on someone’s face by helping feed the community.

In Alli Stroud’s words:
Hey, y’all! Today could be described as a very calm whirlwind, I think. It started kinda slow, but quickly sped up. We were not looking forward to the I-75 traffic this morning (it was literally awful), but we made it to the Atlanta Community Food Bank in only 1h 15m. There we were “trained” how to do our jobs in the warehouse lines, and then we got started. What began as a slow process quickly became second nature to us. Some people sorted through food, others boxed it, some put the boxes on scales, some weighed, taped, and labeled it, and then it got put on palates. I got lots of experience using a tape gun (maybe a little too much….)! Over the course of the morning, we packaged over 8,000 pounds (4 tons) of food and that adds up to over 6,000 meals! The people at ACFB couldn’t have been any nicer, and they encouraged us to tell others about the food bank and come volunteer again. This was a wonderful opportunity to serve in a way that was honestly so much fun that it didn’t feel like a burden, even though it was a little taxing on the arms. It is great that we were able to serve through this organization and I hope that at least one Spring Term trip can go to the AFBC every year!

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