Media Tour – Wednesday – 3.28.18

Day 3 on Atlanta Media Tour started off with a slightly later start since our tour didn’t start until 11 am. Everyone enjoyed having a little bit of extra time to sleep in before we headed towards Atlanta. On our way to 11 Alive Studios. Reid Peykoff led us in our time of devotion and prayer from Jonah 3:10, 4:1. We discussed showing compassion and grace to others and having contentment and joy in the Lord.

On our drive to Atlanta, we got caught in a bit of traffic, but we used to time to discuss our favorite part of our Spring Term time so far. Landry McCollum’s favorite experience was touring Mercedes Benz on Monday. Reid Peykoff was particularly excited about going to Atlanta and Company on 11 Alive today!

When we arrived at 11 Alive, we were greeted by news anchor Jennifer Leslie, who has been a morning news anchor at 11 Alive since 1998. We all enjoyed that we were able to watch a live show of  ‘Atlanta and Co’. Everyone at the station was incredibly friendly! We were able to see behind the scenes in the control room where the producers and technicians were actively working on the live show. Mrs. Leslie showed us how the the teleprompters worked and gave us some insight about what she does on the field for breaking news stories.

“It was very eye opening to see all the technology that goes into broadcasting a live show. It was not as crazy and hectic as I was thinking it would be.” -Hallie Howard

Next we headed to Perimeter Mall for a quick lunch at the food court before we headed to IBM. At IBM, we met some of Mr. Bitner’s friends from his days working as a Graphic Designer at IBM. Rick Ritneour showed us his process in editing videos and movies. Rob Grable showed us his process of editing sounds for videos. A really fun part of this experience was that we were able to record our voices speaking, and he showed us how to edit the clips! Sophia Blake, and NCCS Senior who is going to Liberty University next year for Film Scoring, was really excited to learn about the equipment that Rob was using!

After this fun tour, we made our way back to the school through the Atlanta traffic! We are looking forward to CNN and Cobb Energy Centre tomorrow!

— Brianna Westland


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