New York: Arts – Tuesday – 3.27.18

The New York City Arts trip started our day before the sun was up—5:45AM! It was worth it, though, as we made our debut on Good Morning America! Thanks to Samantha Keitt (NCCS Alumni, Class of 2013), we were able to get tickets to the show. We were quickly and carefully instructed on how to be GMA audience members and the show was off! It ran like a well oiled machine, with desks and chairs moving into place and special guest stars popping in for a quick good morning. With all the activity, the show moved quickly and before we knew it, our TV appearance was over. We then made our way to our Broadway Classroom workshop. We worked with Kyle Brown, an ensemble member of the cast of Anastasia. He taught us the lyrics and dance to “Paris Holds the Key.” We can’t wait to see the live production tomorrow!

The streets of New York were filled with activity as we headed over to the Museum of Modern Art. We came to find out that the firefighters of NYC were honoring the life of a fallen friend. We had the opportunity to take a picture with one of the bagpipe players who performed at the ceremony. Inside the MoMA was an entirely different atmosphere. From paintings to photographs, to sculptures and lights, we saw it all.

We finished the day at the Brooklyn Tabernacle’s Easter production, “The Story of Love.” It was the beautiful story of our God who loved us enough to die for us. We watched as the crucifixion was acted out and witnessed a fraction of the pain He went through for us. It was an incredibly humbling and uplifting story of the Gospel. With full hearts, we headed back to the hotel, awaiting our next adventure in this amazing city!

— Hannah Hicks, 12th grade

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