Snowbird – Tuesday – 3.27.18

The day was started with a great breakfast provided by the interns and snowbird staff. They decided to open up some of the recreational activities in the morning to provide time in the afternoon to do our service project. The Goliath Swing was open as well as the Zip Line. After the students enjoyed a time of flying through the air, lunch was served. After lunch the climbing tower and three man swing were opened. At 3:00pm we all met at the cafeteria for our service project. We all were partnered with a mentee and staff member to help the young students work on homework and share a snack. After the time of working and fellowship we moved the fun outside and played with the community kids. Many of them enjoyed basketball, blowing bubbles, and hula hooping with our students and got experience a time of fun and fellowship in a new way.

Hannah Conti- 11th grade

Today we worked with the Pinwheel Program, which is an after school tutoring program run by Snowbird. We started outd the adventure by picking up the kids in a school bus. There were about 30-40 kids that all piled on. The minute they came on, their voices filled the bus with screams and shouts. I think I was deaf by the time I got off but they were just all so excited. Next, each of us paired off with a camp leader and a kid to help tutor them. I got paired with a girl named Christina. She was in the 3rd grade and was so smart, kind and funny. She, and her brother who was also there, came from an abusive home, yet they were so energetic and full of kindness and life. Christina, when picking a story, said her favorite was the Jesus’ birth. It was amazing seeing how Snowbird had such an impact on these kids’ lives. After helping them with their homework, we took them outside to let them play with the toys we bought them yesterday. Christina and I drew a flamingo with chalk that could probably beat a Van Gogh. After all that, we took them back to the school on another crazy loud bus ride. Some of their parents were waiting for them, but some had to go to another daycare afterwards. It was a day full of laughter and fun. It was amazing to see the kids and get to know them and help them.

Chloe Go- 11th Grade

We have had an amazing time at Snowbird so far, but today was best day yet.  Our students served along with the camp counselors at the Pinwheel Program. Mr. Timms and I were extremely proud of how our students jumped in and helped the students with their homework.  I would not be surprised if many of the NCCS students go on to become teachers. Not only did they help them with their homework, but they each read their student a Bible story and shared with them about Jesus.  After snack time with the children, we went outside and surprised them with the new toys that we bought yesterday. The Pinwheel students were beyond excited. Our students had so much fun playing with the children.  This day was definitely rewarding for us, and hopefully one that the children here at Snowbird will remember.

Kelly Staud-US Math Teacher




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