Xtreme Men – Wednesday – 3.28.18

Wow, what a day today for Xtreme Men! Today was our Psalm 16:3 day… “As for the saints in the land, they are the excellent ones, in whom is all my delight.” We learned today that being Xtreme Men of Xtreme Joy means seeking the community and wellbeing of others; specifically other believers.

We were able to practice taking enjoyment in one another as we went to Banning Mills and did the level 4 Extreme Zipline and Canopy tour. Although some claimed that they weren’t scared of heights, many of us were humbled by the experience. On Xtreme Men we do the highest level which is level 4 high ropes and zip line. Once we made it to level 4 and were crossing single log bridges over 100 feet over the ground and crossing the world’s longest zip line wood plank suspension bridge that was 600 feet and was 300 feet over the gorge, we knew we had some fears to conquer. The final zip line was called the Screaming Eagle zipline, where we leaped off a 30 story tower for a 1,000 feet descent reaching high speeds of 75 miles per hour! This was a great time for students to encourage one another. Hopefully today students (and leaders) conquered some fears and grew as more confident individuals! Strength of mind comes when one faces their fears and perseveres through adversity. The day also took much physical strength to balance and depend on ones leg strength more, as there was so much climbing around the course. Most of all, we hope we learned how to seek Xtreme Joy in God, in our brothers, in service, and in His creation!

Tomorrow we continue to serve the City of Acworth and we move to the trails where we will spend the day Mountain Biking.

— Ty Faulk

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