College Tour – Wednesday – 3.28.18

Mercer University was truly stunning. The architecture and quaint feel made the place feel like home while maintaining a large student Body. Our tour guide Michael Smith did a great job on showing us around and the college was very impressive. Mercer was amazing and my favorite of the ones we have toured.  

Wow. Georgia College and State University was popping on every level. Starting out in the Admissions House with our man Javier, we watched an eleven minute video about the campus and its students, after which Javier stunned with a small PowerPoint Presentation. Simple, but effective. Split into groups following Javier’s presentation, we quickly embarked on a tour of the stunning campus. After this eye-opening tour, we went to dinner and met up with some alumni of NCCS. After spending two and a half hours at this campus, surrounded by their enthusiastic students, we hopped on the bus and headed for Athens.

By Zack D. & Zak K.

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