France – Wednesday – 3.28.18

Hello there! From Paris! We had the absolute best day yesterday! We woke up a little early, but that was OK! We went to the catacombs in Paris, an ossuary holding the remains of 6,000,000 people from the 1800s. Will Marquess, our audio guide, says that cemeteries we’re becoming over populated due to disease and life expectancy. So the French decided to move the remains underground located in the limestone mining tunnels. Limestone columns were constructed to support the weights of the walls and guard the remains.

It really was an awesome sight!

We left the catacombs and headed by train to the lovely and eclectic area of Montmartre! We visited the outside of the Moulin Rouge and walked to the funiculaire de Sacré Cœur! This is the highest point in Paris. Elizabeth, our awesome tour guide, told us that this basilica was constructed in the late 1800s and was built at the highest point to remind the French people that God was the center of the city, even though the Montmartre area was filled with a much more “free” atmosphere.

We ate, by far, the greatest meal of our lives at Le Basilic restaurant near Sacré Cœur. It was a two-hour, three course, prix-fixe dinner! Amazing!!!!!

Finally, we ended our day with a little shopping and an after hours tour of the Stade de France! It couldn’t have been more of a great day!

Tomorrow, we are looking soooo forward to serving at Parole de Vie in Ecouen!!!!

See you then!!!

À bientôt!

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