New York: Arts – Wednesday – 3.28.18

It’s already Wednesday here in New York City. It’s crazy to think that so much has already happened this week. This morning we made our way to our service project. We had the honor of partnering up with Sing For Hope this morning. They gave us the chance to sing at the Port Authority Terminal while commuters were busy getting to their next destination. It was an amazing experience. As someone who isn’t really a “singer,” I still had an absolute blast. We had the great chance to add a little music to people’s day. Seeing the people stop in the midst of their busy day to appreciate our music; it was heartwarming.

Before lunch, we got the chance to work with Pia Hamilton. Pia is the sister-in-law of Scott Ryle, who used to be our football coach. She is part of the cast for  Broadway’s, “The Lion King”. This is her 5th year with the production. She was nice enough to let us ask her some questions about broadway and even show us the steps for one of the songs in her show. The steps were hard but incredibly fun. I think I could be quite a good broadway dancer…. Not really.

Our next big stop of the day was at NYU. Every different arts program had the chance to tour a different section of the campus. Being an instrumentalist, I got to sit in on a master class for woodwinds with my fellow band/orchestra members. The guest teacher was Linda Chesis and she was a flutist from Manhattan School of Music. She worked with three different flute students at NYU and helped them with their individual pieces that they were working on. They each were incredible players, yet she was able to improve every one of them in dramatic ways. It was mesmerizing to watch her work and to see a true master class.

After a short break back at the hotel, we made our way out to see “Anastasia”. This was my first ever broadway show and it definitely did not disappoint. I was not prepared for how incredible it truly was. From start to finish, both the music and choreography was glorious. And now, after a long day, I plan to sleep for as long as Mrs. Wallace will allow me. Which probably will not be for very long.

— Nathan Woodward

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