Snowbird – Thursday – 3.29.18

The Underground-
After service one night a few girls and I were able to visit The Underground. The Underground is this prayer-focused building on top of a hill at SnowBird. Inside there are different stations for prayer like prayer for missionaries, idolatry, finding your call, and false religion. It was cool to see how there was something in there for each girl, something that helped them in their stage of life. Out of everything we did at SnowBird, I think The Underground will be the one that sticks with me the most.
— Bella Moore, 11th grade

Last Day
We have had a great week at SnowBird. We closed our session this week with Spenser speaking to us about following Jesus. He explained the importance of being in the Word. He gave several good tips on how to study the Bible. He was transparent about his own struggles to do this and encouraged our students on being intentional to study and take notes daily.

The staff and counselors here are enthusiastic about life and God.  It has been a blessing just watching them at work. I have enjoyed this week and would encourage others to visit SnowBird.

Homeward Bound!!

— Kelly Staud, US Math Teacher


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