Snowbird – Wednesday – 3.28.18

Today the whole group went down the Nanatahala River. It was a cool experience to be able to do with the Snowbird leaders. There was one specific cliff all of the rafts stopped at and jumped off of called picnic rock. The river was about 48 to 52 degrees but there was one rule that we could not use the word “cold”. When you did you would be thrown off the raft. The funniest time this happened is when Jake said “this water is ice cold” Pierce, one of the snowbird leaders, launched Jake from the raft.

Andy Czosek-Ryan- 11th grade

Today was probably the most exciting day because we went white water rafting. We spent the whole afternoon on the Nantahala river, and even though the water was freezing cold, we all had fun. A bunch of people got thrown out by their friends or by our guides, but we had a blast regardless. Everyone expected to have a great time and we all did, despite the freezing water. Overall, it was probably the best day of the trip for most people.

Jake Watson-11th grade

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