Appalachia – Thursday – 3.29.18

Today we got up early to go back to our worksite! We bought a whole bunch of school supplies, toys, and food for the neighbor family and two adorable children: Travis (age 10) and Taybreanna (age 5). As soon as we arrived the kids came running out! They wanted to play and and help us work on the house. We colored and played basketball while the other team members were hard at work building the front porch rail and replacing the living room floor! We went to Stevie’s place which is a gas station as well as a restaurant for lunch. After lunch, we talked about the reason for Easter and then made an Easter egg hunt. They were so excited when we gave them each Easter baskets. Everyone on our spring term pitched in to purchase supplies for the family. We filled her couch with presents for the kids and her table with food, water, and other necessities. We spent the afternoon playing basketball, coloring and having a super fun time! The family was such unexpected light in my life and I am so thankful to see their smiles! It was a blessing to be able to serve these children!

— Chloe 12th Grade (Worksite #1)

Today was a true blessing! The the kids are so joyful with so little, and seeing their expressions with what we gave them brought a smile to all of our faces. Most wouldn’t want to help or would just ignore the downtrodden, but they don’t know what small acts of random kindness can do. It can be the difference between someone’s life or death. It has been an amazing thing to see The Lord working through us to get to them. We may not be the ones to bring them to Christ, but we can have faith in the fact that we were obedient to the Holy Spirit and God will bring the increase. I am so grateful I got the opportunity to go on this trip, and I will never forget the memories, and the people I made them with!

— Otha 11th Grade (Worksite #1)

Today was a great day. It wasn’t too cold or hot, so it felt good. Today, we had a ton of fun continuing “de-shangling” (our new term for shingles) the roof. We talked about how fixing the roof gives joy to people who we help and ourselves. I felt we got way better at working on the roof since we finished “de-shangling” and “shangling” quicker than the last two days. I thought we were not going to finish to cover the whole roof before the rain storm tonight, so when we covered whole roof, I was grateful we can finish our job while we are staying here. I’m glad that I can serve people in Christ and work with great friends.

— John 10th grade (Worksite #2)

In our nightly devotional time together, we have been focusing on how Christ died for all: the unclean, diseased, downtrodden, Samaritan and Israelite – all are worthy of His saving grace. The students are seeing the direct and immediate impact of their willingness to step out of their comfort zones as usable clay pots that pour out the unexpected light of Christ. Students have seen extreme poverty and have opened their hearts with love and generosity – generosity of spirit, talents, gifts and love. I am so thankful for all of the prayers for our Spring Term. God has truly laid before us opportunities and without hesitation, our students have delivered the light of Christ – not because the adults told them too – because they have the light in them. Students miss the comforts of home, but most have expressed unwaveringly that they do not want to leave Appalachia – they have enjoyed working hard and making an impact and I have seen pure joy in their hearts. We received a extra boost of love today as I passed out the letters that our K5 Shine partners (Miss. Pointer’s class) had written/drawn for us. They were a precious gift from home! We have one more day left and one more day to further the kingdom of God – please pray for our work day tomorrow and that we will finish the race that was set before us in a manner worthy of Christ.

— Mrs. Tracy Hollars

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