France – Thursday – 3.29.18

Day 6 in France was our day of service at Parole de Vie in the city of Ecouen. We traveled by train, so it was easy to catch a few more minutes of sleep!  We were blessed to serve along side of Serge and Michelle Lemee from Word of Life, helping them get their Retreat Center ready for youth leaders and pastors conferences.

Serge shared so many great kings about being a missionary…

…Knowing the language is just a little part of being in another country with the people. You must take time to learn the culture of the people.  We have to listen and try to understand their culture before we can witness to them.  We Know what their problem and what is going on in their life by listening. Listen to a person’s need and then you can share the gospel. We are all missionaries no matter where we are. We are missionaries in Georgia too!

Toward the end of our service work, Will and Amanda spoke about God’s plan for us, and how we were to serve others. It was a moving time and we presented the Parole de Vie staff with a gift and supplies to help further their work in the community.

On our way back, we stopped at the Monoprix for some grocery and department shopping! It was awesome to see ALL of the kids trying so hard to speak French! Stephen even made a new friend and of course ‘had to’ show him a video of me dancing at the Sacré Cœur…. gah!

After a quick stop back at the hotel for some showers, we headed out for some much needed chill time and a movie! We ate French popcorn and watched Black Panther!

What an awesome movie!

We topped the day off with some AWESOME crepes and a short walk back to the hotel.

Tomorrow we visit Normandie and prepare for our trip home!!!

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