Guatemala – Friday – 3.30.18

I’m very sad to say that today is our last day in Guatemala. It has been a truly life-altering trip. I am so extremely thankful to the school, our parents, and the Hope For Guatemala ministry for allowing us to be able to come to this beautiful place. It was amazing to see how happy and genuine all of these people are, despite their situations at home. These people understand the importance of finding our joy in the Lord and not in material items – a concept we Americans too often forget. I will never forget how every morning we were greeted by tons of faces smiling from ear to ear as they walked down the “hug train.” It is great to see the Lord moving through this ministry. I cannot think of a better group to spend this week with. From Gabe’s “Oh my people” to Robert’s cube skills, this group was totally fantastic! Everyone put their hearts into their work and I think I speak for all of us when I say this was one of the best trips ever!! Thanks again to everyone who made this trip amazing!

Por fin, estoy muy feliz para la oportunidad a visitar Guatemala. Muchas gracias a todas las personas de Guatemala. Ustedes son muy amables y es un honor conocerles. Dios les bendiga todos los dias de su vida.  

Les quiero mucho,
Miranda Phillips (12th)


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