Guatemala – Thursday – 3.29.18

Wowza…The only word we can use to describe this trip. Throughout the trip, we fully felt the Lord impacting us in every single way. The kids, the culture, the kitchen staff, Guatemala in general has changed us for the better. Each day, we saw the kids and got to play with them and then did our day projects, followed by a usually cold shower, and then devotions and card games.

Today, after our regular duties, we took a home visit to some of the kitchen staff’s homes. They each lived in an area called Zone 18, where poverty is most brutal in the town. Each house was stacked on top of each other, with the house being as small as some of our bathrooms in America. The women made the entire group a traditional Guatemalan dessert. The most amazing part was that this dessert cost about half of the woman’s salary, yet the women gave it to us all willingly. What we all see as nothing, they see as lucky to have, and we think this is something we will each carry back, reminding ourselves not be more grateful for the experience we had here. Words cannot express the impact Guatemala left on each of the students here, and we are so grateful and thankful to be blessed with this.

—Abby Esslinger and Anna Cate Womack 10th grade

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