Haiti – Thursday – 3.29.18

This group, this team, this family: such a privilege to serve side by side for His Kingdom. They love big, work hard, and laugh often.  We have eaten well, slept some, painted 2 houses, distributed 30 water filters, picked up and played with countless kids, taken cold “ship showers” and tried our best “bon jou.” We have also shared the Gospel, prayed, laughed, and have met incredible, steadfast co-workers in the faith. God has provided safety and health (as of 7:30 AM this morning 🙂 and He has given us what we needed when we needed it. It has been sweltering hot and humid and then cool and breezy (and by breezy, I mean super windy!!!) We have loved our trip to Haiti and have only had a small glance into the work that God is doing in this beautiful country and beautiful people.

We ask that you pray for Mission of Hope, for the Village Champions, and for the local pastors – the harvest is at hand!! Pray that the Good News that was shared will take hold and transform the people, the villages, the nation. God is at work in Haiti and Jesus Christ (Jezi) is being made known and lifted high!

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for us: Parents and Host Parents, Ms. Reynold’s Fourth Grade Class, fellow staff, and countless others – we have experienced God’s peace and provision. Thank you also to NCCS and the administration for having a vision of for going out “into the world.” It is a big undertaking and worth every bit of it!! Thank you to Erin McAnnally and Mo Arnold for being amazing both in word and deed!! And thank you to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving Himself so that we may have abundant life, for giving us the words when we felt awkward in sharing His eternal gift, and for protecting us physically, mentally, and spiritually. Our time in Haiti might be coming to a close, but this country and its beautiful people will always be in our hearts!!!

Bondye bon tout tan!!! (God is good all the time!!)
Cassie Carr


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