Media Tour – Thursday – 3.29.18

What a fun experience for our last day on Atlanta Media Tour! Mr. Bitner led us in prayer and Landry McCollum led us in devotions from John 4 before we headed out. On our bus ride down to the CNN Center, we enjoyed great conversations together!

When we arrived at the CNN, we had a little bit of extra time to enjoy some breakfast and coffee at the food court. During the CNN Tour, we road the longest freestanding escalator in the world. We were also able to have look into the control center and the CNN Espanol. We discovered that the food court used to be an ice skating rink, but now it is a world map with Golden circles on the locations of CNN Centers. We were not able to see quite as much behind-the-scenes or on set content at CNN as we did at 11 Alive yesterday.

“Seeing all the different sets and news rooms they had was really cool because you get to see what goes onto the TV.” – Sarah Beveridge

After the tour, we enjoyed a nice leisurely lunch in the CNN Food Court.

After lunch, we headed to the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. We took a backstage tour, which was absolutely amazing! Our tour guides were extremely kind and thorough. We were able to walk on the catwalk (all very safe!) above the stage and the theatre. This was not something for those who are afraid of heights! On the catwalk, our students were able to practice their skills at using the spotlight. The tour guides took us to the dressing rooms, the loading dock, and the stage. This was some of our students’ favorite tour of this Spring Term Trip!

“Having a chance to see the stage and whole audience room from a new point view was a really spectacular and unexpected experience. We were 75 feet above the ground, like how cool is that?” – Meg Vo

Overall, this has been an amazing week! We are so grateful for this experience to learn more about Media in Atlanta! Have a great Spring Break!

Brianna Westland

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