New York: Arts – Thursday – 3.29.18

by Hannah Hicks, 12th grade

The morning for the New York Arts team started with a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. On our way, we had the opportunity to see some of Central Park. At the museum, we walked through the history of many different regions (from Greek and Roman to European and American) and learned about their culture through the art. There were sculptures, paintings, instruments, armor, and so much more. We could have easily spent all day exploring the museum and what it had to offer, but we were off on another journey!

Our team split, some going to the Mets Opening Game and others off to see the Radio City Music Hall. The people who went to the Mets game met up with the New York Baseball team. Everyone was excited to try a fried cheese ball and the cotton candy. To finish off, the team got to see a Mets win! The Radio City folks experienced the history of entertainment in the music hall. They learned about the advanced technology to move the stage and the crazy amount of performers the stage held. To top it off, they actually got to meet a Rockette!

We met back up and finished the day with the off-broadway show, Puffs! It was a Harry Potter spinoff about the secondary characters. Our last full day has been full of so many fun experiences and we are sad to see this trip coming to an end!


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