New York: Baseball – Wednesday – 3.28.18

Day 4: By Carson Weir
We spent the day in NYC. We took a train from Newark, NJ, and walked to our hotel to drop off our bags. Then we took a subway to visit the 9/11 memorial where we saw some very touching stories and pieces from the incident. Then we went to Battery Park, and viewed the Statue of Liberty from a distance. Then we split into groups. One group went to the Empire State Building and walked all the way to the top. Another group went the Museum of Natural History and viewed some artifacts.  The group I was in took the scenic route to Tomkins Square Park with Coach Navarro. We passed through Wall Street and saw the Trump building. Then, we walked through China town where Ronny and I iced out our lives as seen in the image below. We walked through little Italy and had a canolí at Ferrar’s. Once we finally made it to the park we listened to the song Tomkins Square Park by Mumford and Sons. The excitement on Bryce’s face made our day as he walked through the park with the biggest smile on his face because he is a huge Mumford and Sons fan. We relaxed in the park for a while, and then took the subway back to the hotel. Later, we had some great Italian food at Carmine’s. We ate calamari, garlic bread, pasta, chicken Parmesan, sausage and peppers, and some desserts. After that, we went to an I Love NY store and bought some merchandise. Then we walked back to the hotel and went to sleep. It was a great day in the city.

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