Washington, DC – Thursday – 3.28.18

We started off the day by visiting Mount Vernon, George Washington’s plantation for a few hours. To begin, we were given a tour of the mansion. It was amazing to see how everything was preserved or recreated how it was when Washington was living there. Then Abby Turner and Mac Dempsey gave a presentation on Washington’s faith, which was eye opening because while Washington was quiet about his personal faith, he still understood and proclaimed the importance of knowing God. After a short video at Mount Vernon and lunch at the mall, we headed to the new Museum of the Bible. The majority of us thought the floor that had an area set up like Nazareth, with a few people in costume was the best part. The other floors were very virtual and interactive which kept people interested. Next we made our way to the Holocaust Museum. Now this museum is very eye opening and humbling. Hannah Cloete said that it makes you realize how small your problems are compared to theirs, which I completely agree with. After I walked around the huge museum, I was just so speechless and humbled, like many other students and chaperones. Another student pointed out how strong the Jews stood in their faith. Even through all of the intense persecution, their faith was their rock. That to me is the most inspiring. We don’t know what’s going to happen in our lifetime, but we are going to have to defend our faith at some point. When that time comes, we must stand strong and not shy away from defending our Savior. We closed our day with a trip to Dave and Buster’s for dinner and games and a conversation about our thoughts on the museums back at the hotel. Overall, our last full day was a fun one, but was also extremely humbling and emotional.
-Avery Bayes, 8th grade

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