New York: Arts – Friday – 3.30.18

Sitting in the airport waiting on our flight back to Atlanta, my heart is so full from this amazingly full week! Wow! There’s not enough room to list all the blessings. Seriously …. These kids amaze me. Todd, Nate, and I pushed this team to see everything we could possibly fit in the schedule, while also physically pushing them to walk literally everywhere in the city.  

I, personally, loved witnessing the multitudes of cultures, hearing all the accents, and soaking in the fact that we were all in this one great city to experience the awe of NYC together. But even greater, I loved watching the sparkle in the eyes of our team. I loved watching them share, encourage each other, laugh, be goofy and make memories together. I loved that they were ALL IN during our workshops with Broadway cast members. They laughed and sang, and gave their all!! I loved as they pointed out different parts of the city to one another. Shoot, yesterday one of our girls had worn the wrong shoes (she didn’t realize I would be having them walk so much!) and another teammate swapped shoes with her! I mean … these are the things I love.

I watched in awe as our kids sang the gospel in the middle of the busy Port Authority Terminal on Wednesday!  My heart was overflowing with pride seeing them share … singers and non-singers alike.

And even this morning, as we toured the city in a double decker bus, I knew the kids were super tired from this crazy exhausting week, but I heard their conversations of how they loved this trip and how they’ll miss the big city. They were still wide-eyed soaking in everything they could. They seemed to love the beauty of Grand Central Station, just as much as the chaperones! They could’ve chosen to be super whiny, tired, and blah. They had every right to be that way, but they chose to make the most of their last day.

See? I told you I could list a multitude of blessings! I am exhausted, I haven’t walked this much since college (haha…let’s just say I’m thankful for ibuprofen!), and I miss my sweet family so much, but I know the Lord had His hand all over this trip. I am so thankful He made a seat for me on this trip! I’m so thankful He trusted me to help lead it. I’m so thankful for Todd & Nate, our super navigators, looking for every turn and thinking ahead for every event. I’m so thankful for the kids on this trip, their love for the arts, the amazing gifts and talents they’ve been given, and that they are using those gifts for His glory. I have no doubt He has whispered His dreams, His plans for them in their hearts, and I pray this trip was one more chapter in their great adventure with Him that draws them closer to His side, and fine tunes their ears to hear His voice.

Amy Wallace


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