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Proverbs 31:30 – Thursday – 3.29.18

The last day of Proverbs was incredible.

We hiked a mile up Pine Mountain, and we did testimonies and devotions about being a Godly women. At the top of mountain, we wrote on pink balloons about our insecurities and let them go after we prayed over them.  From the mountain, we went to pottery and had a blast. We laughed and had a great time painting together.

We went and got our nails done next while the other group of six girls went to lunch at the Swheat Market.  Our nails look awesome and our lunch was at Swheat Market. The lunch was delicious and we rode back to the school remembering our incredible week together with a great group of Proverbs women.

New York: Arts – Thursday – 3.29.18

by Hannah Hicks, 12th grade

The morning for the New York Arts team started with a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. On our way, we had the opportunity to see some of Central Park. At the museum, we walked through the history of many different regions (from Greek and Roman to European and American) and learned about their culture through the art. There were sculptures, paintings, instruments, armor, and so much more. We could have easily spent all day exploring the museum and what it had to offer, but we were off on another journey!

Our team split, some going to the Mets Opening Game and others off to see the Radio City Music Hall. The people who went to the Mets game met up with the New York Baseball team. Everyone was excited to try a fried cheese ball and the cotton candy. To finish off, the team got to see a Mets win! The Radio City folks experienced the history of entertainment in the music hall. They learned about the advanced technology to move the stage and the crazy amount of performers the stage held. To top it off, they actually got to meet a Rockette!

We met back up and finished the day with the off-broadway show, Puffs! It was a Harry Potter spinoff about the secondary characters. Our last full day has been full of so many fun experiences and we are sad to see this trip coming to an end!


Media Tour – Thursday – 3.29.18

What a fun experience for our last day on Atlanta Media Tour! Mr. Bitner led us in prayer and Landry McCollum led us in devotions from John 4 before we headed out. On our bus ride down to the CNN Center, we enjoyed great conversations together!

When we arrived at the CNN, we had a little bit of extra time to enjoy some breakfast and coffee at the food court. During the CNN Tour, we road the longest freestanding escalator in the world. We were also able to have look into the control center and the CNN Espanol. We discovered that the food court used to be an ice skating rink, but now it is a world map with Golden circles on the locations of CNN Centers. We were not able to see quite as much behind-the-scenes or on set content at CNN as we did at 11 Alive yesterday.

“Seeing all the different sets and news rooms they had was really cool because you get to see what goes onto the TV.” – Sarah Beveridge

After the tour, we enjoyed a nice leisurely lunch in the CNN Food Court.

After lunch, we headed to the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. We took a backstage tour, which was absolutely amazing! Our tour guides were extremely kind and thorough. We were able to walk on the catwalk (all very safe!) above the stage and the theatre. This was not something for those who are afraid of heights! On the catwalk, our students were able to practice their skills at using the spotlight. The tour guides took us to the dressing rooms, the loading dock, and the stage. This was some of our students’ favorite tour of this Spring Term Trip!

“Having a chance to see the stage and whole audience room from a new point view was a really spectacular and unexpected experience. We were 75 feet above the ground, like how cool is that?” – Meg Vo

Overall, this has been an amazing week! We are so grateful for this experience to learn more about Media in Atlanta! Have a great Spring Break!

Brianna Westland

Lord of the Rings – Thursday – 3.29.18

We started off the day, as we have every day, going through the Spring Term devotional and praying for the different teams and our K4 prayer partners. Once we were finished with the devotional, we stocked up on snacks and drinks and started The Return of the King when we were ready. It had many instances of adventure. We had time to talk about the two hallmarks of a good story: truth and feeling. For example, Denethor serves as the steward of Gondor, but when the true king, Aragorn, returns, Denethor doesn’t want to hand over the city to him. It’s a powerful picture of how we often seek to retain control over our own lives instead of handing them over to our King.

Then we were able to put the finishing touches on our Spring Term project. We then had a choice between Wendy’s and Arby’s for lunch, but only one person ate Wendy’s food. Apparently, Arby’s was much more preferable. We chatted about many miscellaneous subjects, from classes we thought about taking to drama club management. Once we went back to the Annex, we finished watching The Return of the King, and what an ending it was! We saw more instances of truth and feeling, and we had time to discuss these instances (another recurring idea was how the Ring was so powerful in its temptation, as sin is in our lives). After we finished, we packed up our projects and snacks. I had a great Spring Term . We all learned a lot about God’s Word and how these Lord of the Rings movies show it!

-Abel Yared, edited by Zack Shaffer



Local Missions: Cobb – Thursday – 3.29.18

Day 4 was our day of fun. We spent the morning at Lakepoint Station and had lunch at La Parilla to celebrate a week of hard work.

In Logan Barber’s words:
Today at Lake Point Station I had a lot of fun. All of the employees were very kind and helped us do all the activities. Laser tag was very fun! We had two teams and everyone had fun. The rock climbing was also fun. We also did a mirror maze and everyone got lost. It was very confusing. Overall, Lake Point was awesome!

God is risen!  Happy Easter!

Local Missions: ATL – Thursday – 3.29.18

Today was a refreshing break from the community service projects we did this week. We went to Lakepoint Station and did rock climbing, mini golf, mirror and laser mazes, and laser tag. Check out the pictures of all of our students conquering their fear of heights and racing each other up climbing walls and around laser tag corners! After spending the week focusing on others, they deserved a few hours to just be kids again. Afterward, we had a long lunch at La Parilla where the students enjoying bonding and reflecting on all of the service projects this week. At the end of the day, we encouraged each other to continue serving each other and our community outside of school.

France – Thursday – 3.29.18

Day 6 in France was our day of service at Parole de Vie in the city of Ecouen. We traveled by train, so it was easy to catch a few more minutes of sleep!  We were blessed to serve along side of Serge and Michelle Lemee from Word of Life, helping them get their Retreat Center ready for youth leaders and pastors conferences.

Serge shared so many great kings about being a missionary…

…Knowing the language is just a little part of being in another country with the people. You must take time to learn the culture of the people.  We have to listen and try to understand their culture before we can witness to them.  We Know what their problem and what is going on in their life by listening. Listen to a person’s need and then you can share the gospel. We are all missionaries no matter where we are. We are missionaries in Georgia too!

Toward the end of our service work, Will and Amanda spoke about God’s plan for us, and how we were to serve others. It was a moving time and we presented the Parole de Vie staff with a gift and supplies to help further their work in the community.

On our way back, we stopped at the Monoprix for some grocery and department shopping! It was awesome to see ALL of the kids trying so hard to speak French! Stephen even made a new friend and of course ‘had to’ show him a video of me dancing at the Sacré Cœur…. gah!

After a quick stop back at the hotel for some showers, we headed out for some much needed chill time and a movie! We ate French popcorn and watched Black Panther!

What an awesome movie!

We topped the day off with some AWESOME crepes and a short walk back to the hotel.

Tomorrow we visit Normandie and prepare for our trip home!!!