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College Tour – Thursday, 4/2/15

We toured two university campuses on our final day of our College Tour- University of West Georgia and Georgia State University.

We were able to see the UWG football stadium (which is not usually part of an official tour). It pays to ask! Did you know that UWG’s football stadium is the largest Division 2 football stadium in the nation? It’s very impressive!

After lunch we visited Georgia State University for our last campus visit. You could just feel a different type of energy of the campus being located in the city. The buildings are spacious for a very compact campus.

So thankful for God’s protection over our trip. We were blessed to have the best charter bus driver ever, Mr. Steve!

A few reminders of God’s promise as you search for God’s plan for your life.

Psa 32:8 I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.

Prov 15:22  Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.

Karen Bollinger

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College Tour – Wednesday, 4/1/15

Our tour has taken us from the coast to the mountains in 42 hours! You gotta love Georgia!

We spent a beautiful day in Dahlonega starting with an official tour in the morning and lunch at the University of North Georgia. Some of our students were able to interact with some UNG Night Hawks, including helping raise money by throwing a pie in the face of an Army cadet.

Today was our service day, where our team delivered necessary supplies to an outreach program called No One Alone (NOA). NOA provides help to families who are experiencing hardship due to domestic violence. Our group was able to deliver the donations to the actual facility in which these families stay temporarily. A huge thanks to students from our College Tour, BETA and NHS clubs, we were able to bring in supplies  that meet the  top needs of these families:  pillows, laundry detergent, shampoo & conditioner, toothpaste & toothbrushes, paper towels and toilet paper.

The rest of the day was spent in Dahlonega to learn about the area’s gold rush history. Did you know that twenty years before the 1849 gold rush in California, thousands of prospectors flocked into the Cherokee Nation in north Georgia, marking the true beginning of the country’s gold rush? We visited the Dahlonega Gold Rush Museum which sits in the center of downtown Dahlonega. Next, we toured the largest hard rock gold mine east of the Mississippi-Consolidated Gold Mine.

You can’t visit Dahlonega and not eat at The Smith House, and so we did. Sarah Leberman, our UNG college rep, along with two current NCCS students, Kailey Boyer and Tanner Wynn joined us for dinner.

After our day in Dahlonega, we traveled south and west to Carrollton to stay overnight to tour UWG in Day 4.

Karen Bollinger

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College Tour – Tuesday, 3/31/15

Our royal treatment from Georgia Regents University began when we arrived at our hotel last night. GRU had goodie bags with snacks and bottled water for each of us.

Georgia Regents University is in Augusta, Georgia’s second largest city.  Did you know that Georgia Regents houses the nation’s ninth-largest and 13th-oldest medical school, the state’s sole dental college?

We experienced the most innovative official tour ever…a scavenger hunt! The winning team…Will & Fam earned GRU long sleeved tshirts. GRU treated us to lunch plus gave all of our group GRU tshirts. After eating lunch on campus, our students had some time hanging out…playing chess, listening to music.

After our visit to GRU, we traveled to Athens to tour UGA, eat at the new Bolton dining commons with some NCCS alumni and later catch the UGA/GA Tech baseball game.

Our UGA tour began at the infamous arch. Since the 1900s, tradition has held that students may not pass beneath the Arch until they have received a diploma from UGA.

We had dinner at UGA’s new Bolton dining commons where Daniel Adams, Kaitlin Dupuy, Samantha Keitt, Trent Martin, Lauren Morris, McGee Nall, Carleen Porter, and Chaz Post joined us. Others who were enroute but got stuck in traffic and couldn’t make it. They all provided such great insight on how to be prepared for the transition from NCCS to UGA.

What a beautiful night for baseball despite the pollen. The UGA/GA tech baseball game was oversold so our group had to move to an area in right field. At least it had concessions! Plus Stephen and Dawson chased down a baseball. Will spotted Brandon Douglas, Bulldog running back sitting in the right field bleachers as well!

After a trip to Ben & Jerry’s, we called it a day.

Karen Bollinger

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College Tour – Monday, 3/30/15

Day 1 College Tour – Georgia Southern University & College of Coastal Georgia

Our group started out before the sun was up and tried to out run the rain to Georgia Southern University. The rain caught up to us as soon as we arrived so we had a shortened tour and enjoyed our first meal on a campus.

After lunch at Georgia Southern we traveled southeast to Brunswick, GA to visit College of Coastal Georgia located just 15 minutes from St. Simon’s Island. No more rain! We experienced an A+ visit with CCG’s President Dr. Gregory Aloia stopping by and challenging our group. We sat through our first information session which was extremely thorough. I am so proud of this group already by the great questions they asked during the information session and on our campus tour.

We couldn’t be this close to the Georgia coast without taking a visit to St Simons, 15 minutes from CCG. Any day close to the coast is a great day. I can’t imagine going to college so close to the coast! We enjoyed dinner at Brogen’s and visited the pier before traveling to Augusta to stay the night.

Karen Bollinger