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Local Missions Team – Day 5

Today we headed to Seven Bridges to Recovery where we joined forces with Cornerstone Prep School. We assembled sack lunches to give to the homeless who live under the Interstates in downtown Atlanta. We learned that the D.O.T. had gone in on Thursday and cleared out the area, so there were not as many people as usual. We were dreading going out in the rain, but we were reminded that we have a home to go back to and the homeless do not. Once we arrived at the Interstate, we realized that what we were doing was very meaningful. We found many homeless people wrapped up in blankets in order to stay warm and dry and gave them sack lunches and prayed with them. All of the people we met were so gracious.

I must say that I have a completely different perspective of the homeless after this experience. It is one thing to hear about it and study about it, but seeing it first hand is eye opening. I am ashamed for complaining about anything. I have so much, and these people have so little, yet they remain faithful to God. I believe this is exactly what most of our students came away with also. I feel that we were far more blessed by these homeless people, than they were by us.

Kelly Staud

Local Missions Team – Day 4

Thank you to Mrs. Wilczynski’s fourth grade class for bringing us cookies this morning. What a great way to start the day!

Today we visited “Feed My Lambs” day care, which is located at Maple Avenue United Methodist Church near Marietta Square. This free day care is available to families who cannot afford childcare. This morning, each of our students paired up with one of the preschoolers for the day and went to the different classrooms with their children. I couldn’t help but smile when the pledge to the Christian Flag somehow turned into the pledge to the American Flag. Many of our students read books to the children during story time. Next we went to the playground where the little boys loved playing football with the bigger boys. Many of the children drew pictures in the parking lot with sidewalk chalk, while others were enjoying the swing set. During music time, the preschoolers taught many of us sign language to the songs they were singing.

While lunch was served to the children, our NCCS students cleaned the preschool rooms. Some sanitized the toys while others vacuumed and peeled tape off of the ceilings.

We had so much fun! I am not sure if our students realize how much their presence meant to the children. Many of these children just need someone to love on them and play with them, and our students did a great job of this! Before coming back to school, we ate lunch at Marietta Square and hung out for a short while!

I know God is blessing everyone that is involved with local missions this week.

Kelly Staud

Local Missions Team – Day 3

We woke up this morning at Lydia’s House feeling fairly rested.  We had breakfast in the church’s dining hall while we heard Mike’s testimony. Mike is the custodian for Park Avenue Baptist Church. He had an extremely hard childhood in which one bad thing happened after another. He ended up homeless for about 4 years, and the church really helped him make it through a serious neck operation. He is now on his feet and praising Jesus. This is just another story that our students have heard about someone who could be very bitter, but instead chooses to thank God every day for all He has done for him.

We took time to read our “Wonderful Wednesday “ letters from our fourth grade class. We all appreciated the sweet letters Mrs. Wilczynski’s class sent us. Next we played a game in which the boys competed against the girls to help promote team building. I am still not sure who won, but everyone seemed to enjoy it!

Today was our day of fun and relaxation! We walked through Grant Park to Zoo Atlanta! A lot of the animals were inside due to the cold weather, but it was still enjoyable. The best part of the zoo today was seeing the Pandas. The twin baby pandas were so cute climbing and playing with each other while their mother did nothing but eat.

We finished our day by eating at the food court at Cumberland Mall. Our team has done so well. I have truly enjoyed spending time with them this week, and I look forward to two more days with them.

In Christ,
Kelly Staud


Local Missions Team – Day 2

Today we served in the Grant Park area of Atlanta. We arrived at Park Avenue Baptist Church this morning where we were greeted by one of the missionaries, Trey, who works with the church. He gave our group a history of the church and the area. He explained to our students about generational poverty and how it is cyclical within families. Our focus for the next two days will be working with and learning more about people who are struggling with homelessness.

After our history lesson we were shown to our “dorm” rooms located in Lydia’s House. Lydia’s House is actually part of the church building and is used to house groups that come to Atlanta to serve the community.

We then divided in to three groups. One group went to prepare and serve lunch to homeless men at Loaves and Fishes. Our students were able to talk to these men and listen to their testimonies. The other two groups went to the Gateway Center in downtown Atlanta. This is a shelter for homeless men. Rebecca Cranford, from the center, talked with our group before we served about Job and how he lost everything, but still remained faithful. She wanted to make sure that we were not judgmental toward anyone in this situation. One group then gave manicures to the men and women who came in from the streets. The other group cleaned the sidewalks around the block of the center. While we were working outside, we talked to several of the people who are struggling with homelessness. They gave our students great advice such as staying in school and making wise choices. Almost all of the homeless people we talked to told our students to keep God first. Armon stated that he expected people to be mad and bitter about the situation they were in, but instead they were hopeful and praising God for all He has done.

After walking to some really cool neighborhood restaurants for dinner, we met back at the church to wrap up our day. Our students really get it – they have learned that homelessness can affect anyone, and we should not stereotype anyone in this situation.

Kelly Staud


Local Missions Team – Day 1

What a beautiful day to start our week of Local Missions! The day did begin a little on the chilly side, but ended with the warmth of the sun. We started our day by reading the sweet letters from Mrs. Wilczynski’s fourth grade students. We had devotion time and then set out for our first day to serve our very own community by cleaning Procter’s Landing at Lake Allatoona.

We had a full day of hard work. One group shoveled sand and moved it from the parking lot to the beach area, while another group picked up branches and pinecones from the picnic area. It took our group of 32 students 4 hours to complete this job. The park employees explained to some of the students that 4 employees usually perform this task. Obviously, the workers were very appreciative of our students’ hard work.

One of our International students commented that he had never worked this hard at his own home. He told me that he was planning on helping his father out more when he returned to China. How awesome is that?

We did take time to picnic at the lake and enjoy a little free time. The day was a huge success and our students represented our school well. Most importantly they selflessly worked for the community in which we live.
In Christ,
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