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Local Missions/Atlanta – Friday – 4.1.16

Our final day of Spring Term began with a great devotional from Mrs. Jarvis. She reminded us that we are responsible for our actions and decisions. After our devotional and prayer, we headed back to downtown Atlanta for the College Football Hall of Fame. The students were able to choose their favorite college team and then have a customized trip through the hall. Some tried their skills at throwing and kicking the football on the playing field while others showcased their speaking skills at the sports desk as a guest announcer. After everyone had finished at the College Football Hall of Fame, we grabbed a quick lunch at Chick-fil-A and headed to the Atlanta Zoo. The weather was perfect, and the animals were active today. Chase and Ronny tried to pick up some part-time work as impromptu guides, but it did not quite work out for them. After visiting with the animals and riding the train and carousel a few times, it was time to set our course for the trip back to North Cobb Christian School. This week has been full of adventure and loaded with laughter. This group of students was amazing. I hope they will share all of their stories with you because they are too numerous to fit into this blog. Thank you for supporting us in this spring term, I hope that each life has been changed a little for the better, I know mine has.

Mrs. Kim Kammerdiener

Local Missions/Atlanta – Thursday – 3.31.16


We began our day with a sweet devotional from Hope Davis (who was also the only person to complete the ranger jump yesterday) as we headed towards the Calvary Children’s Home. When we arrived, we were given a short history and several interesting facts about CCH. The students were able to ask questions and then were divided into groups so that our time could be efficiently utilized. There were closets and pantries which needed sorting and cleaning. Calvary Children’s Home also has yard sales often, so our strong boys helped move the heavier objects to the location of the upcoming sale. After the work was complete, we met in the gym and had a friendly game of kickball. Not bragging, but Chase Tolar’s team is now the undefeated kickball champions. (Sorry Carly) The game worked up an appetite, so we said our goodbyes and headed to Chick-fil-A. The afternoon was completed by indoor movies due to the much-needed rain. We have had a great week and will be a little sad that tomorrow is our final adventure.
Mrs Kammerdiener

Local Missions/Atlanta – Wednesday – 3.30.16

Today we had a great time zip-lining over and white water rafting on the Chattahoochee River! First, we had to get geared up to zip-line, and our equipment consisted of a helmet and a harness with many different ropes. We zip-lined over the river and did an obstacle course with more zip lines on the other side of the river. It was a lot of fun! The white water rafting was nerve racking, but we worked as a team to conquer our fears and paddle through the Chattahoochee River. Each rapid is rated on a one to six scale with one being the least aggressive. We rafted a few one’s a few two’s and even a four. The girl’s raft travelled down the number four rapid backwards and still managed to stay afloat! The boy’s raft flipped over, but fortunately, everyone was safe. It was a beautiful day in Columbus with the Atlanta Local Missions group.
Celeste Kulin

Local Missions/Atlanta – Tuesday – 3.29.16

Today we visited the Etowah Valley Humane Society near Cartersville, GA. We helped out a lot by doing jobs such as mopping and sweeping the floors, cleaning out the cages, walking and playing with dogs and socializing the cats. On this warm spring day, the dogs were very excited to be let free out of their cages and to run around the fenced in area. The cats were also very rambunctious, and they were happy to be let free and play with the students and other cats. The workers were delighted that we helped out in any way we could. It was fun helping out, and we hope that we were a blessing to them as well as helpful.

Celeste Kulin

It was a beautiful day helping our furry friends at the Etowah Humane Society. God has blessed us with animals, and it was heartwarming to see our students showing kindness and care for this group of cats and dogs. Brandon, Steven, and Mike did an excellent job of washing and drying the food dishes. Celeste, Alena, Purity, and Max did not hesitate to jump in and clean out the small dog kennels. Chase and Ronnie were strong enough to wrestle the most active of the dogs out to the dog runs for some much-needed exercise. Meanwhile, on the cat side of the building Carly overcame her resistance to cats and posed for a photo opportunity with a cute kitten. James was able to reunite with Rosie, who he had worked with on a previous trip to EVHS. Lexie found Patience, a bulldog with a huge personality who stole her heart. Gracie and Hope walked a pair of dogs that could not be separated. After a full morning and afternoon, we headed out to Zaxby’s for a fun lunch together. These students have big hearts and a lot of love to share, and that is what they did today.
Kim Kammerdiener

Local Missions/Atlanta – Monday – 3.28.16

Local Missions Atlanta hit the ground running this morning. After a morning devotional and prayer, we headed to downtown Atlanta. The first stop on our busy schedule this week was the Georgia Aquarium. There were many creatures both massive and small to keep us busy. Mike and Steven enjoyed spending some time with the crabs while Alena and Max hung out with some penguins. Alena and Celeste were also able to befriend a scuba diver.

We hung out on the lawn and enjoyed the sun, lunch and each other before beginning our visit to the World of Coke. This was an incredible museum full of Coke memorabilia. Everyone had to enjoy a Coke before starting the tour. The tasting room was also a fun experience; I am pretty sure everyone’s favorite was Beverly from Italy. We are looking forward to a fantastic day tomorrow as we go to the Etowah Valley Humane Society where we will have the opportunity to care for our animal friends.
Mrs. Kammerdiener