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MS Home Team – Thursday, 4/2/15

The Middle School Home Team had a quick change of plans this morning due to the weather forecast and headed North to the Tennessee Aquarium.  We explored the Ocean side first and really enjoyed seeing the penguins, butterflies and then the sharks for sure.  We took a break for lunch and walked over to Cheeburger – Cheeburger where students had fun dining on Fried Pickles, Cheeseburgers, Fries, Onion Rings and Milkshakes.  It was then back to the aquarium for a tour of the River Journey side and the otters were a definite hit along with a cool Seahorse exhibit and many other animals.  I heard lots of laughs and saw them pose for several pictures as the students moved through both buildings.

Afterwards, we all walked over to the IMAX Theatre and watched a film titled, “Jerusalem”.  It was a great show that gave students a first hand look at the land, buildings and markets inside modern day Jerusalem.  It also discussed the archaeological efforts being done today and even showed us how Palm Sunday and Easter are celebrated there.  The film was very interesting and I heard many positive comments as we headed out of the theatre.  We then made a quick stop at Ben & Jerry’s for a snack before boarding the bus and heading back to NCCS to close out what has been an absolutely fantastic week together!

Jeff Jackson

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MS Home Team – Wednesday, 4/1/15

Today was truly amazing for everyone on the Middle School Home Team!  We traveled to Sojourn Adventures in Johns Creek for a challenging day of team building activities.  Our guide for the day, Isaac, did an incredible job of helping everyone learn more about team work and encouraging others to push themselves farther than their usual comfort zone.  I had selected two verses for the day and he focused on them throughout the day: “…You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 22:39 and “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17.

The morning was spent doing several low ropes courses that really helped the group learn how to work together to accomplish a goal.  We then took a lunch break before heading to the Power Pole activity in which students climbed a telephone pole and then jumped off and safely floated to the ground due to the double harness and rope/steel cable system.  Congrats to Brennen Croyle for grabbing the trapese handle and holding on for a couple minutes.

It was then on to the high course in which students crossed several obstacles while safely connected using a double harness system 50 feet above the ground.  The students really bonded as they moved through each area while working together and constantly encouraging one another along the way.  It was truly awesome day as I saw the students learn so many life lessons through these different activities.

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MS Home Team – Tuesday, 3/31/15

The Middle School Home Team had a fantastic day with lots of fun!  We started our day by visiting the Acworth Chick-fil-A for breakfast and then had a Backstage Tour of the kitchen and prep areas.  Many students were impressed at how fresh everything is as we saw the chicken being breaded, as well as the area where lemons are cut to make lemonade.  We then saw the office and fryers while learning how they use two different areas and two fryers for the Spicy Chicken to keep it separate.  We moved back out front and were introduced to the Drive Thru area before having the honor of meeting the Operator, Andy Duncan.  The tour ended with a free Icedream cone and a stuffed Chick-fil-A cow to take home.

Next stop was an early lunch at Big Chow Grill.  Students were able to create their own dishes that were then prepared and delivered to our table.  Several students engaged in a competition of creating the spiciest dish and the rest of us had a lot of fun watching.  After taking advantage of the all-you-can-eat buffet, we loaded up to head in to Atlanta to go to Atlanta Rocks.

Atlanta Rocks was an awesome place and it was great to see our students being challenged and pushing themselves to accomplish the various obstacles that were provided.  The staff did a great job of encouraging everyone and helping the group have a lot of fun.  One challenge was a three hand climb where two partners had a hand connected to their buddy and then having to cooperate as they moved up the rock wall.  There were a lot of laughs and cheers as everyone participated in different areas of the complex.  After a great group picture of exhausted students, we loaded the bus and headed back to North Cobb Christian School.

Jeff Jackson

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Middle School Home Team – Monday, 3/30/15

The Middle School Spring Term Home Team had a fantastic first day!!! We loaded the bus and after a wonderful prayer by Otha, headed South to our first destination, touring the CNN Headquarters! The students really enjoyed learning how news is produced and we especially chuckled at an on air mistake that happened while we were listening to the director. We then saw the set where Mike Galanos (Father of an NCCS Upper School student) is on the air show every morning. The tour was incredibly educational while also entertaining.

We then enjoyed a quick lunch at the CNN Center Food Court and headed to our next stop, the College Football Hall of Fame. They were ready for us and we went right in, stopping to see a ten minute video that really psyched everyone up. We then enjoyed selecting our favorite college team for the day and many joked with me as to which team I would select. Everyone liked seeing the Helmet Wall and then we moved right in to the many interactive exhibits throughout the Hall of Fame. Technology there is truly amazing, although I might be a little biased since I teach it everyday. The students had a lot of fun and really engaged with every display and opportunity to be on camera. The day ended with an area that enabled students to kick a Field Goal or catch a pass.

We look forward to another exciting day tomorrow!
~Jeff Jackson