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Middle School Home Team – Friday – 4.1.16

Today we took our adventure down to Atlanta one final time. This time we had a very educational and eye opening experience at the Martin Luther Jr. museum. Once we parked there was a little bit of hesitancy expressed by a few students because we were in an area of Atlanta that was outside of their comfort zone. However, after walking through the museum and watching the video that really explained the purpose for why Dr. King did what he did, the students were able to gain a new perspective. Some of the takeaways as stated by the students were they didn’t know Dr. King faced the life threats and that his house was bombed trying to take out his family. One student stated that he noticed that when he got a phone call one night telling him to back down from going to Montgomery to speak that he would be risking his life. His response to that threat was to go to Jesus with the burden he felt to give him the strength to overcome his fear and lead all the others well. The Martin Luther King Jr. Museum really helped our students gain a new understanding of ways to handle conflict in a peaceful and godly manner that wouldn’t typically be noticed if we were in any other setting.

After the museum we stepped across the street to walk through the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church where Dr. King and his father both served as Pastor. We then walked by the tomb of Dr. King and his wife Coretta Scott King. Across from the tomb was the eternal flame that represented the lasting impact the King family had on the community.

We ended our journey of the Martin Luther King Jr. experience and we traveled just a few minutes up the road to the world famous Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles restaurant. The popular item on the menu was of course the chicken and waffles, or as it was written in the menu “midnight train.” Myson was almost in tears because this was the part of the entire week he was looking forward to the most. This was a great experience for everyone. Highly recommended!

We finished the day with a round of putt putt at Mountasia. We weren’t able to ride the go-carts because they didn’t open the track till 3 o’clock. However the round of putt putt became very competitive. Buck, Rebecca, Danny, and Logan played in one group with Mrs. Poplin and Coach Poplin tagging along. The other group had Will, Myson, Zak, and Morgan. Buck came out on top but the others were very close.

This week was a blast! The 13 students that took part in this trip walked away with more than an experience. They were able to build new friendships and see people in ways they would not have perceived them before. The moments of this week were only temporary, but the memories of Spring Term 2016 will last. To God be the glory for all He has done, is doing, and will do through the week of Spring Term at North Cobb Christian School!


MS Home Team – Thursday – 3.31.16

Today was a really full day. We started the morning with another ride into Atlanta. Thankfully we have a dvd player built into our bus, so we have been able to stay entertained during the hour of traffic in the mornings and afternoons. Today’s movie was “How to Train Your Dragon.” Once we found a parking spot we walked down to the CNN Center to get our tickets for our tour later in the day. After we got our tour tickets, we left the CNN Center going right next door to the College Football Hall of Fame.

The CFHF was awesome. We began the tour with picking our favorite teams to enhance the experience of finding out all about your favorite team and players. Our first stop was the Kick, Catch, and Pass field. Several of the student’s took the opportunity to try their feet and hands at kicking a field goal and catching the diving catch in the endzone. Danny Mondok and Coach Poplin even played a little bit of cornhole. After all the expulsion of energy at the beginning of the tour, we then proceeded upstairs to some other interactive components that caught the attention of our students. A few of them were able to pick their favorite teams on college gam day while a couple of them were able to test their skill at a combine challenge. We finished our time by walking through the Hall of Fame on the upper level and marveled at the likes of Herschel Walker, Barry Sanders, and Emmett Smith to name a few of the players who shaped the history of college football.

After the CFHF we went back to the CNN Center and had lunch in the food court. We began our tour of the CNN Center by going up the world’s longest freestanding escalator as recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. As we weaved our way through Studio 7 of CNN we were able to see where and how the news around the world is brought to our attention through all the technology, broadcaster, and people who work behind the scenes to get all the latest news stories both international and domestic.

Today was very informative and interactive. The students walked away with a better understanding of what it takes to put together some pretty amazing facts from around the world. Whether is was the CFHF where they were able to play and talk about their favorite teams or walking through a newsroom to see how a green screen works and why the doppler radar doesn’t cover the weatherman, today was very eventful to say the least!

Tomorrow will be our final day. We are going to see the Martin Luther King Jr. Museum, followed by a lunch at Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles. We will end the day with go-carts and putt putt at Mountasia.
MS Home Team 2016



Middle School Home Team – Wednesday – 3.30.16

Today, March 30, we traveled down to Grant Park, Atlanta home of Zoo Atlanta. Upon walking into the park, Kara West made a b-line to her little pink flamingo friends and proceeded to give her best impersonation by standing on one leg. This fun little act coerced some of her friends to join her.

As we continued through the zoo exhibits most of the students expressed what animals they did and did not like. Most of the dislikes came in the form creepy crawly slithering long scaled creatures. The gorilla exhibit however, was a favorite because two of the babies were wrestling and climbing over their big play area with the ropes and rocks. This went on for a good five to seven minutes. After we had completed the majority of the walking tour through the zoo Will Bare, Myson Lowe, and Rebecca Brown wanted to do the canopy climb. They were all successful. Myson and Will actually were in a race until Will’s visor came off and slowed him down. That concluded our day at the zoo.

We left the zoo and went to the infamous Varsity for lunch. As always, it was packed out. We finished eating and proceeded to Lenox Square Mall. There we divided up guys with guys and girls with girls. Coach Poplin took the guys to all the sports stores while Mrs. Poplin took all the girls to all the clothing/girly stores. We had approximately one hour to walk around the mall before we were going to leave. At the last minute Morgan Scheit decided she wanted a cupcake from “Sprinkles Cupcakes.” The endeavor alone added about 20 extra minutes to our stay at the mall. Fortunately for her the cupcake was well worth it.

Today was a lot of fun. From the bus ride, getting to watch “Wreck It Ralph,” to seeing Zach Krickich avoid the giraffes at all cost, to Kara’s flamingo impersonation, to the hot dogs at The Varsity, this day was full of excitement and laughter!

Tomorrow we will be looking forward to touring the CNN center and the College Football Hall of Fame.

MS Home Team Spring Term 2016

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MS Home Team – Tuesday – 3.29.16

Today the middle school home team traveled to Atlanta and visited the Georgia Aquarium and Coke Museum.

Mrs. Poplin and Coach Poplin took seventh and eighth grade students down to experience the excitement of the world under water and the beloved Georgia beverage Coca-Cola!

Friendships and bonds were developed quickly as the students divided up into groups of three and four and discovered the many different aspects of the aquarium.

The highlight of our time at the aquarium was hearing Zach Krickich tell the story of his front row experience at the dolphin show. We could tell he was able to get an up close and personal seat because he went into the show nice and dry and came out soaking wet from getting splashed by the dolphins.

The big highlight from the Coke museum was how Buck Brumlow was able to drink the not -so-coveted Italian drink known as the “Beverly” without one iota of disgust in his face. As a matter of fact, he continued to go back to fill his cup several times.

The students were able to eat lunch in the food court of the CNN center between museums, but not without stopping at the fountain rings in centennial park first. Trey Hudson and Logan Moehler cooled off a little bit and walked through the fountain as if it were a hot 95 degree day. Needless to say they asked that the A/C not be turned on for the trip back.

Day one was fun and very eventful to say the least. We are all looking forward to day number two as we take on the likes of the Atlanta Zoo and Lenox Square Mall.