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8th Grade Home Team – Thursday – 3.29.18

Our last day of the Home Trip was a great one. Our devotions centered around what “The Gospel” is, I Corinthians 15:1-6. The “good news” is that Christ died for our sins and arose again the third day according to the scriptures. We can have eternal life because of the price that Jesus paid for us- the greatest proof of how God SO loved us, John 3:16.

After a little time on the Mach 5 Club race track to kill time and traffic, we headed out to the Sugarloaf Mills Mall and Medieval Times. This dinner (lunch) show was their educational version and it centered around chivalry. The knights, king, and princess taught the students what the code of chivalry was, and how it can be applied today. Then the games began. The knights and their horses competed in the knights tournament with jousting, sword fighting, and horsemanship (if that is a word) that even Cameron Parke would appreciate!

We ended the spring term with a quick trip to The LEGO store and some final racing at Slingshots Speedway. The goal of the home trip was to be educational & fun – and the goal was accomplished!


8th Grade Home Team – 3.27.18 & 3.28.18

Today, we had a great time at Andretti’s. We learned green means go and red means stop- well we were supposed to do that. We did have a few kids push both pedals at the same time. Pearson and Kendall did a great job bowling, but some noises on the bowling alley did distract them from beating the champion. Madison and the girls all ganged up on Mr. Williams and beat him badly. The home team also had fun playing Mario Kart on the Wii, Nascar Racing on the PS4, and Gran Turismo on the PS3 in Coach Speck’s room.

Today was our service project, and we cleaned the buses that were on campus. The students cleaned all the seats, the dash, and swept them out. Then we went to the Holocaust Museum at Kennesaw State University. Leo Li asked some great questions
like, “Why did Hitler want to kill all the Jews?” The museum is free and open for
anyone to take a self guided tour. There is great Georgia WWII history too.  
After a stop at Chick-fil-A, we headed back to school for Playstation and Wii tournaments.




8th Grade Home Team – Monday – 3.26.18

The 8th Grade home trip went to the Delta Flight Museum. We learned Delta Airlines is named after the Mississippi Delta. The kids all wanted to fly First Class on a Boeing 747 after touring  a 747-400.

We also got to each lunch at Antico Pizzaria with amazing wood fire pizza and Gelato afterward.

If you need a great place, on the cheap, to take family members visiting Atlanta the Delta Flight Museum is a great secret. And if you have never been to Antico Pizzaria by Georgia Tech, you are missing out on another Atlanta secret! The lasagna pizza is so good, btw- Just ask Natalie Byrd!