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Nashville – Thursday & Friday – 3.30/3.31.17

Thursday morning was our service project. We were up and on the road by 7:30 to go work with Second Harvest, the major food bank in Nashville. They had us work in the refrigerator section, sorting and packaging food. Boy was it cold! The boys had to run into the freezer occasionally and it was -18 degrees. But everyone had a great attitude and sang and danced through most of the morning. 🙂

Today we fought many hardships as we packaged up food. Using our ingenuity and teamwork we succeeded in successfully packing upwards of 5,000lbs of food! We were able to do this only through two things: perseverance and determination. I personally was able to bond emotionally with my fellow team members and hopefully the good we did today will show the true love of Jesus.
– Sam grenier, senior

Packaging all of that food made us hungry, so we headed over to the Nashville Farmers market. While there weren’t many stands open outside due to projected inclement weather, inside there was a wonderful array of shops. From Southeast Asian Pho to sweet and savory CrĂ©pes, there was something there for everyone. Most of us were able to get something from several booths.
– Natalie Cooper, junior

There were very severe storms projected for Nashville on Thursday. Schools even let out early and a few closed for the entire day. But God is so good and we had things to do!  We only ended up getting a small shower late in the evening.

In the afternoon, we visited the Country Music Hall of Fame, which showed true country artists leading up to today’s country music. It also showed all the country artists from their outfits to the awards they won. Then, there was a room called Will the Circle be Unbroken showing all the artists from the 1900’s to now. I thought the Country Music Hall of Fame was pretty cool! 🙂
– Sydney Barnes, junior.

After a quick rest, some of the students headed out to go to Pharmacy Burgers and to Belmont to see 9-5: The Musical.

On the eve of our departure, a few of us had the opportunity to see ‘9 to 5 the musical’ at Belmont University. Ten students, accompanied by Mrs. Wallace and Mr. Hendrix, laughed until our stomachs hurt and became thoroughly invested in the lives of Dodie, Violet, and Judy. The show was beautifully executed by the performers and technicians alike and we are certainly very thankful that we were able to witness such a beautiful production.
-Brianna Daly, sophomore

Those of us who stayed and rested more, got a quick bite to eat at Chick fil-a or Cookout.

On Friday morning, we just had to go to the Escape Room one more time before we left. Two of the three groups were successful this time. Everyone was able to get a t-shirt from the escape room and then we headed home!  A little traffic and a quick bite on the road, and we were back at NCCS!  Tired, full, and blessed to be part of such a great group! 

Nashville – Wednesday – 3.29.17

For breakfast of day 3 on the Nashville spring term we ate like kings of the Bible Belt.  We satisfied our ravaging hunger for a hearty breakfast by consuming large quantities of absolutely scrumptious southern dishes from the Loveless Cafe.  Whilst we ate our large (all you can eat) plates of lovingly prepared southern food, we learned of many the celebrity that graced the kitchens and tables of this incredible cafe.  Our very sweet and kind waitress regaled us with tales of the time she met Paula Deen and Martha Stewart.  Paula, according to our seemingly very trustworthy waitress, was just as nice of a person on tv as she was off the tv.  

Not so for Martha Stewart though.  Martha, as told to us by our incredible waitress, was “a very mean lady.”  There was also a story of Christina Aguleira but it was much shorter since our server did not have the pleasure of serving this particular celebrity.  All this to say the Loveless Cafe is absolutely a top 5 all time breakfasts I have ever eaten.  If you ask me, it was the perfect way to kick of a third day of touring a city such as Nashville.

Will Crumly, 12th grade

We went to McKay’s Used books and more to walk off our breakfast. Mckays is a ginormous warehouse filled with used books, cds, vinyls, video games, and movies. We could have spent hours there but had too much to do today, so a few of us found new treasures and then we headed to the Parthenon, which is a replica of the Parthenon in Greece. Inside they have this enormous 42 foot statue of Athena gilded in 8 pounds of 23 karat gold.

Our afternoon started out by visiting Wild Horse Saloon, where we ate and (attempted to) line dance. We had Line Dance Chance guide us through a “simple” 8-step routine which was still way too complicated for most out there dancing. The whole experience was a blast and everyone really seemed to enjoy it, plus the food was all you can eat so that speaks for itself. We had a couple of other groups joining us in our line dance lesson so we didn’t make as big of fools out of ourselves as we could have. The cool, electric atmosphere made it all worth wild and put everyone in a fun and excited mood. Besides the occasional stepping on people’s toes, it’s safe to say we all shared tons of laughs and memories that will definitely carry on.

Hannah Conti, 10th grade

Once again, we had a huge meal that we had to walk off, so we did some shopping in downtown Nashville and then went to the pedestrian bridge. Senior Will McKenzie wrote this haiku about out bridge visit:

A haiku of the bridge:

Watching water flows
Good times filled with yo yo yo’s
Oh how fast it goes

This afternoon, as we meandered about the heart of Nashville, we quickly realized that the heat was getting the best of us. As Mr. Shaffer would say, we “improvised, adapted, and overcame” the heat wave and changed our plans. Our new plan consisted of a tour of the magnificent and world renowned Ryman Auditorium and the enjoyment of the cafe and shops around the complex. The tour began with an interactive video in a conveniently air conditioned room and continued with exploration through the upper and lower levels of the amphitheater. The Auditorium was an absolute sight to behold and many students chose to commemorate the occasion with a photo taken on center stage. Overall, though our plans changed at the last minute, the Ryman was quite a pleasant experience and a much appreciated relief from the hot Nashville sun.

Brianna Daly, 10th grade

From the Ryman, we went to the Hatch Print Shop for a very enjoyable experience. The Hatch Print Shop was first created 138 years ago by the two brothers, Charles and Herbert Hatch. The Hatch Print Shop is a place where hand made, printed posters are created with letters and a printing press. I, and everyone else seemed to enjoy the very hospitable atmosphere that our tourist guide created. She gave us a tour in a way that normal tourist don’t. It was really exciting to have her give us cards to then talk about the history of the Hatch Print Shop. After this, we got to go into a room where they showed us even more hand printed posters. We even got to make our own posters to take home with us! Overall, this experience was really cool to learn about. I appreciate that they hand make these posters and not digitally! It makes the posters very authentic and original!!

Caleb Slyman, 10th grade

A very tired bunch headed back to our buses and out to dinner. We are at Your Pie, which is like a Moe’s but for pizza. Then we headed to Murfreesboro to meet up with the NCCS College Tour spring term to hang out at lanes, trains, and automobiles. It’s kinda like a Dave and Busters.

Bowling today showed the group a lot of things. One, Mrs. West is secretly the best bowler that has ever lived. Two, Rachel W. mastered the techniques of the granny shot. Finally, bumpers open up a whole new aspect to the game. I went from guttering the ball every throw to banking strikes. Most importantly, bowling was the perfect way to end another great day in Nashville.

Eric Hiser, 11th grade


Nashville – Tuesday – 3.28.17

So today was our second day in Nashville and it was another unique memory-filled day. Waking up this morning after an adventurous day like yesterday was hard for my room, but we woke up and pulled together some breakfast. After finishing getting ready, We all met at the buses at 9 to officially start our day. We headed to the Belcourt Theater to get a taste of what Nashville’s NonProfit theaters had to offer. After taking a tour of the newly refurbished theater, We sat down and had the opportunity to watch an adorable foreign film. In all honesty, I wasn’t really looking forward to watching a movie called, “My life as a Zucchini.” I thought it was going to be like veggie tales or some child’s movie, but boy I was wrong. The french film, originally titled Ma vie de courgette, is an animated film that was nominated for an academy award. The movie was incredibly impactful and although it’s not exactly good for younger children, it would be a great movie for older kids and adults. After the movie we hit the town to find some food. We split up to go to restaurants and spent a few hours walking around town. Some of us ate at a small coffee and sandwich shop called Provence. After meeting up we loaded back onto the bus and headed to RCA Studio B. RCA Studio B was frequently used by iconic artists like Dolly Parton and Elvis Presley. We received a guided tour through the studio and were given the colorful history of the museum/studio. We saw the piano that Elvis continuously practiced on and then Caleb Crumly had an opportunity to play that piano!  The studio tour ended early so we decided to head to dinner at the famous Pucketts Restaurant. The dinner was large and delicious and filled with live music and laughter. The music was great and the food was amazing. After our tummies had filled up we headed home early to spend the night at the hotel to get ready for an early morning. We settled down for devotions led by senior Sarah Wiggins, and we read the letters and cards that were written to us by Mrs. Romine’s 2nd grade class. Now we are off to bed so we can be ready for another long day tomorrow. Looking forward to more adventures in Nashville!!

Jaden Brown, 11th grade

Nashville – Monday – 3.27.17

I’m going to start the Nashville blog this week!  Wow! What an exciting day! We headed out right at 8 and drove to Belmont University. We were lucky enough to meet up with two alumni, Isaac Burrier and Ethan Thomas. Isaac is a production and design theatre major and he gave us a great behind the scenes tour of the theatre department. We also got to visit with Ethan who is a commercial music major. They are both enjoying their time at Belmont!  It was really beautiful.

Then we headed over to the Frist Visual Arts Center. The Frist is housed in a beautiful old post office. The exhibits were definitely different and unexpected. They had a pretty cool movie about the Tibetan monks and the sand mandalas that they make.

As we made our way to the hotel, we drove through the most torrential downpour!  The winds were crazy!! But we persevered and made it through!  

Dinner was at an awesome dive called Baja burrito. Muy bien!!  Now everyone is in the escape game and once they get out, we will be headed to the room!

Talk to you tomorrow!  We’re exhausted from a full day and need a good nights’ sleep!

Jaden Brown, 11th Grade