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New York: Arts – Friday – 3.30.18

Sitting in the airport waiting on our flight back to Atlanta, my heart is so full from this amazingly full week! Wow! There’s not enough room to list all the blessings. Seriously …. These kids amaze me. Todd, Nate, and I pushed this team to see everything we could possibly fit in the schedule, while also physically pushing them to walk literally everywhere in the city.  

I, personally, loved witnessing the multitudes of cultures, hearing all the accents, and soaking in the fact that we were all in this one great city to experience the awe of NYC together. But even greater, I loved watching the sparkle in the eyes of our team. I loved watching them share, encourage each other, laugh, be goofy and make memories together. I loved that they were ALL IN during our workshops with Broadway cast members. They laughed and sang, and gave their all!! I loved as they pointed out different parts of the city to one another. Shoot, yesterday one of our girls had worn the wrong shoes (she didn’t realize I would be having them walk so much!) and another teammate swapped shoes with her! I mean … these are the things I love.

I watched in awe as our kids sang the gospel in the middle of the busy Port Authority Terminal on Wednesday!  My heart was overflowing with pride seeing them share … singers and non-singers alike.

And even this morning, as we toured the city in a double decker bus, I knew the kids were super tired from this crazy exhausting week, but I heard their conversations of how they loved this trip and how they’ll miss the big city. They were still wide-eyed soaking in everything they could. They seemed to love the beauty of Grand Central Station, just as much as the chaperones! They could’ve chosen to be super whiny, tired, and blah. They had every right to be that way, but they chose to make the most of their last day.

See? I told you I could list a multitude of blessings! I am exhausted, I haven’t walked this much since college (haha…let’s just say I’m thankful for ibuprofen!), and I miss my sweet family so much, but I know the Lord had His hand all over this trip. I am so thankful He made a seat for me on this trip! I’m so thankful He trusted me to help lead it. I’m so thankful for Todd & Nate, our super navigators, looking for every turn and thinking ahead for every event. I’m so thankful for the kids on this trip, their love for the arts, the amazing gifts and talents they’ve been given, and that they are using those gifts for His glory. I have no doubt He has whispered His dreams, His plans for them in their hearts, and I pray this trip was one more chapter in their great adventure with Him that draws them closer to His side, and fine tunes their ears to hear His voice.

Amy Wallace


New York: Arts – Thursday – 3.29.18

by Hannah Hicks, 12th grade

The morning for the New York Arts team started with a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. On our way, we had the opportunity to see some of Central Park. At the museum, we walked through the history of many different regions (from Greek and Roman to European and American) and learned about their culture through the art. There were sculptures, paintings, instruments, armor, and so much more. We could have easily spent all day exploring the museum and what it had to offer, but we were off on another journey!

Our team split, some going to the Mets Opening Game and others off to see the Radio City Music Hall. The people who went to the Mets game met up with the New York Baseball team. Everyone was excited to try a fried cheese ball and the cotton candy. To finish off, the team got to see a Mets win! The Radio City folks experienced the history of entertainment in the music hall. They learned about the advanced technology to move the stage and the crazy amount of performers the stage held. To top it off, they actually got to meet a Rockette!

We met back up and finished the day with the off-broadway show, Puffs! It was a Harry Potter spinoff about the secondary characters. Our last full day has been full of so many fun experiences and we are sad to see this trip coming to an end!


New York: Arts – Wednesday – 3.28.18

It’s already Wednesday here in New York City. It’s crazy to think that so much has already happened this week. This morning we made our way to our service project. We had the honor of partnering up with Sing For Hope this morning. They gave us the chance to sing at the Port Authority Terminal while commuters were busy getting to their next destination. It was an amazing experience. As someone who isn’t really a “singer,” I still had an absolute blast. We had the great chance to add a little music to people’s day. Seeing the people stop in the midst of their busy day to appreciate our music; it was heartwarming.

Before lunch, we got the chance to work with Pia Hamilton. Pia is the sister-in-law of Scott Ryle, who used to be our football coach. She is part of the cast for  Broadway’s, “The Lion King”. This is her 5th year with the production. She was nice enough to let us ask her some questions about broadway and even show us the steps for one of the songs in her show. The steps were hard but incredibly fun. I think I could be quite a good broadway dancer…. Not really.

Our next big stop of the day was at NYU. Every different arts program had the chance to tour a different section of the campus. Being an instrumentalist, I got to sit in on a master class for woodwinds with my fellow band/orchestra members. The guest teacher was Linda Chesis and she was a flutist from Manhattan School of Music. She worked with three different flute students at NYU and helped them with their individual pieces that they were working on. They each were incredible players, yet she was able to improve every one of them in dramatic ways. It was mesmerizing to watch her work and to see a true master class.

After a short break back at the hotel, we made our way out to see “Anastasia”. This was my first ever broadway show and it definitely did not disappoint. I was not prepared for how incredible it truly was. From start to finish, both the music and choreography was glorious. And now, after a long day, I plan to sleep for as long as Mrs. Wallace will allow me. Which probably will not be for very long.

— Nathan Woodward

New York: Arts – Tuesday – 3.27.18

The New York City Arts trip started our day before the sun was up—5:45AM! It was worth it, though, as we made our debut on Good Morning America! Thanks to Samantha Keitt (NCCS Alumni, Class of 2013), we were able to get tickets to the show. We were quickly and carefully instructed on how to be GMA audience members and the show was off! It ran like a well oiled machine, with desks and chairs moving into place and special guest stars popping in for a quick good morning. With all the activity, the show moved quickly and before we knew it, our TV appearance was over. We then made our way to our Broadway Classroom workshop. We worked with Kyle Brown, an ensemble member of the cast of Anastasia. He taught us the lyrics and dance to “Paris Holds the Key.” We can’t wait to see the live production tomorrow!

The streets of New York were filled with activity as we headed over to the Museum of Modern Art. We came to find out that the firefighters of NYC were honoring the life of a fallen friend. We had the opportunity to take a picture with one of the bagpipe players who performed at the ceremony. Inside the MoMA was an entirely different atmosphere. From paintings to photographs, to sculptures and lights, we saw it all.

We finished the day at the Brooklyn Tabernacle’s Easter production, “The Story of Love.” It was the beautiful story of our God who loved us enough to die for us. We watched as the crucifixion was acted out and witnessed a fraction of the pain He went through for us. It was an incredibly humbling and uplifting story of the Gospel. With full hearts, we headed back to the hotel, awaiting our next adventure in this amazing city!

— Hannah Hicks, 12th grade

New York: Arts – Monday – 3.26.18

Day 2 by Annalise Morning, 11th grade

Today, our first full day in NYC, could be summed up in two words: unpredictable, but amazing. First, we woke up and some of us went down the street to a local bagel deli for breakfast. The fresh bagels were the best any of us Georgia kids had ever had and were a fantastic start to our morning. After a great devotion from Hannah Hicks, we headed out into the city. We got to experience the subway for the first time this morning and it became our primary mode of transportation throughout the day. We headed over to southern Manhattan in attempts to get tickets to go to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. When we realized how long the wait would be to go, we decided on a quicker and more unique way of seeing Lady Liberty — the Staten Island Ferry. We opted to ride the ferry across the bay to Staten Island and then get right back on the ferry and come back. We arrived back in Manhattan before we would have even gotten on the ferry to Ellis Island itself if we had stuck with our original plan! After this, we headed towards the World Trade Center for lunch. After lunch, we visited the 9/11 memorial fountains and visited the 9/11 Tribute Museum. After spending time in the museum, we hopped back on the subway and headed to Rockefeller Center to go to the observation deck on the top floor of the building. Similar to Sunday night, when we went to the top of the Empire State Building, we stood in a long line and rode a long elevator but came out with some pretty awesome views and pictures. After this, we once again hopped back on the subway and headed towards the Nolita neighborhood of Manhattan for dinner at the country’s oldest pizza place, Lombardi’s Pizza. We enjoyed a nice dinner full of many laughs and fantastic pizza. When dinner was over, the group split in half and some went back to the hotel, while others went back to the Rockefeller Center in the hopes of ice skating. When we arrived at Rockefeller Plaza, however, we discovered we had to pay a lot of money and the next session would require us to be out until midnight or later. So we decided to head back to the hotel as well in hopes of going back to ice skate some other time on the trip. We all had so much fun today and so many memories were made, and it was only day one, so we can’t wait to see what the entire week holds!

New York: Arts – Sunday – 3.25.1

Greetings from NYC!!! Even though we haven’t even been in the Big Apple for a whole day yet, I can already tell this is going to be a long but incredibly fun week! Early this morning (11am), the New York Arts team met up at the school with the New York baseball team to depart for the airport. After waiting a couple of hours and grabbing some lunch in the terminal, we finally boarded and were on our way to New Jersey! When we landed, we were picked up in two luxurious vans to take us to our hotel in New York City. Being someone who has never been in NYC traffic before, I can definitely say that it was an experience! It made Atlanta traffic look like nothing..

After settling into our hotel rooms, we headed out to start our adventure in the city. We stopped by for a short touristy trip at the M&M store on our way to dinner at Schnippers. One of my favorite parts of the night was walking through Times Square and Broadway. I have always seen these sights in pictures and movies, but seeing it in person was breathtaking! We even had 53 whole seconds of New York snowfall! At Schnippers, I had an amazing blue cheese burger before walking a few blocks to the Empire State Building. 86 floors later, we had a beautiful view of the entire city!

After all of the walking, I had worked up an appetite for a second dinner, so Coach Rupp and Mr. Clingman graciously took me and a friend to a pizza joint across the street from our hotel to end the night with one last meal.. And a great one at that! I am so excited for the opportunity to be here in New York City with this awesome group of students and teachers! I can already tell that this is going to be an incredible trip, and I’m so glad I am getting to spend my senior Spring Term in such a beautiful place. I am excited to see what opportunities God will provide for us to grow and serve this week in NYC.

— Kayla Constantine, 12th grade