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Photography – Friday – 4.1.16

Day 5 was a home day. We had two things we did on campus- we made brochures of our trip and we did one last photo contest.

Mr. Williams brought Paradise Donuts for us to eat while we worked on our travel brochures. We had to use our pictures from the trip to make a brochure for people to visit Pensacola. Then Mr. Williams and Mr. Rupp judged the brochures. Eden Allen came in first for the grand prize of the week, with Blake Punch second, and Brianna Daly and Kali Arcemont tied for third. EVERYONE did on an awesome job on these brochures!

The last part of our spring term we took pictures of the track and cars from the Mach 5 racing club. This was a lot more fun than expected. We had to take a still shot and an action shot. Probably, the best part of this was the action shots with the lights off, and long shutter speeds. This created the really cool effect of the long trailing lights. We had one last photo contest and there were lots of winners. We were all winners by being able to take a lot of pictures this week in a variety of locations, using different types of photography, and really learning how to use our cameras better.

Photography – Thursday – 3.31.16

We made it home! It was a LONG ride home due the rain. It took us three hours longer getting home then going to Pensacola. We took one last picture as a group just off the back steps of our oasis for a hotel and then we jumped into our buses.

Though we spent most of the day on the buses we still had a good time – singing, laughing, trying to scare people, or just catching up on sleep. We are happy we made it home safely.

Tomorrow we are making travel brochures of our trip!



Photography – Wednesday – 3.30.16

Day 3 was a very busy day. After our usual breakfast at the hotel we had the photo contest from Day 2 pictures. Day 2 was a late night with some editing pictures until midnight, so we voted on the winners after breakfast.

When then had to travel back to where we were paddle boarding the evening before to look for Kali’s Go-Pro. She lost it in the water when her strap broke while paddling. Blake Punch was nice enough to don the mask and snorkel to no avail. Her Go-Pro is gone! While they looked for the Go-Pro, the rest of the gang was taking sea shell pictures.

Next up was downtown Pensacola. We ate at Fish House and took pictures of historic Pensacola. Today’s theme for the photo contest was “Iconic Pensacola” and Sea Shells. After touring downtown we went to the famous “Graffiti Bridge.” This bridge get repainted almost every night according to locals. We even had a train go by while we were shooting- scared Mr. Williams!

Finally, we finished the night editing pictures, eating pizza, and playing mini golf. Tomorrow we pack up for home. Friday we complete our photo journey by creating travel guides of Pensacola.

Aaron Williams

Pictures below were taken by the Photography Spring Term students!


Photography – Tuesday – 3.29.16

Today we started the day off with a wonderful breakfast at our hotel. Some of us were able to eat our breakfast out on the pool deck. We enjoyed watching God’s handy work of the Gulf of Mexico.

After breakfast we were able to go out and get some quick pictures on the beach before we headed out to the National Naval Aviation Museum. When we got to the museum we were surprised to learn the Navy’s Blue Angels would practicing their show today, and we would be able to get pictures of them. This was worth skipping our IMAX movie of Journey to Space. The great thing about this, was it was all free. The Blue Angels did not disappoint. The show was fast, loud, and amazing! We were all able to get great pictures. (Be sure to see Brianna Daly’s great picture of the Blue Angels 

We had a little free time after lunch at McGuire’s (famous for their burgers) to spend at the beach and pool of the hotel. Ask Christian Chatman about his beach mishap sometime!

Our next adventure was with SUPdog Paddleboards. They brought out ALL their paddleboards and kayaks for us to use. We also were able to take pictures that they are going to use on their website and promotional materials. We didn’t know we had such great models. The water was very cold, but everyone had a great time paddle boarding, falling into the water, or taking sunset pictures. If you go on SUPdog paddleboard’s website in the near future you might see one of our great adventure models taken by a NCCS photographer. The sunset on the water was so beautiful.

Finally, we finished the day eating dinner at Crabs Seafood House, taking a few more pictures on the Pensacola Sound, devotions by Mr. Rupp, and editing the hundreds of pictures we took today. The students will sleep very well tonight.

Aaron Williams

*Check out more pictures from the Photography Spring Term trip on the NCCS Facebook page!


Photography – Monday – 3.28.16

Photography had a busy busy day 1. It started at 5:45am loading buses and finished at 12pm EST with our photo contest.

We left NCCS at 6am and travelled 6 hours south to Pensacola, FL. Each day we are having a photo contest with gift cards that the students can win for their pictures. Top prize each day is a $50 Amazon gift card.

Day 1’s contest theme was any style of picture, so the contest was wide open. We arrived in Pensacola around 12pm, ate lunch and then went on a college tour of Pensacola Christian College. There were lots of opportunity to take pictures with all the buildings, artwork, and unique features of the campus.

After the college tour we checked into our hotel on Pensacola Beach which backs up to the beach. The smell of the salt air is so refreshing! After checking in and getting changed we headed back to Pensacola Christian College for dinner and the Sports Center fun.

For $5 the students got dinner on campus and unlimited usage of ice skating, the country’s largest indoor rock climbing experience, bowling, and a fan favorite “Wallyball”. It was a lot of fun. It was great watching Steven Smith and Eric Hiser ice skate, Josue and Mr. Rupp were pro bowlers, and Irina and Blake were amazing at the Rock Climbing Wall.

We also got to see NCCS Alum Drew Higdon who is a Studio Art major and Sam Miller’s twin sisters who are Master of Nursing students at PCC.

We came back to the hotel, edited pictures for an hour and then met downstairs in the conference room. We had devotions about answering God’s Call on our lives and then had our photo contest.

Janna won first place for day one, Eden won second place, and Hanna won third place. The Day 2 contest entries have to be about either Aviation or Sand/Water.

Aaron Williams

*Check out additional pictures on the NCCS Facebook Page –