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Local Legacy – Friday – 3.31.17

Kennesaw Mountain

Today was the final day of Spring Term 2017. We loaded up the bus and made our way to the Visitor Center at Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield National Park, the site of a major civil war battle and home to a plethora of many excellent hiking trails.

Fun fact: Kennesaw Mountain is the most visited national park in the United States. How cool!

We began with a video that told the story of the battle that happened right here in our home town. We learned that many men gave their lives in this bloody battle. The civil war was very political and often split families apart. However there were often times when a temporary peace was called so that the dead could be buried. To us it was crazy to think you could go right back to battle after spending 2 hours befriending someone fighting for the other side.

The biggest  part of the day was a strenuous 6 mile hike up one side of the mountain and down the other to our final destination at the Illinois Monument at Cheatham Hill, the site of perhaps the most intense fighting.

The hike gave us the opportunity to view the natural world in our community and bask in the amazing views at the top of the mountain. We were able to see almost all of Cobb county, Atlanta, and even Stone Mountain! It was an incredible experience. The Lord blessed us well; rarely is the view so clear (the weather was also fantastic).

Exhausted and hungry, we jumped on the bus and treated ourselves to a delicious Italian meal at Doro’s Italian Restaurant in Acworth. (F.Y.I.: the calzone is fantastic.)

The lesson learned today was to treasure what we have right at home in Cobb County. Kennesaw Mountain is a gem that many of us take for granted. While the hiking was not nearly as fast as driving, we should all learn to slow down a little bit and enjoy the natural world that God has given us.

Local Legacy was absolutely exquisite. We all owe a great deal of thanks to the people who so graciously took time out of their own lives to give us such a great experience and opportunity. We are thankful for the bus drivers who took us back and forth and back and forth all around Cobb County this week. We are so thankful for Mr. Suttle who chaperoned us and shared in this great experience. We are all so thankful for Mr. Shaffer who has shown us so much about our home that we didn’t know and for putting up with us with the utmost patience and kindness. What a great community we live in!

– Vinny Inesta, senior 

Freedom Project – Friday – 3.31.17

On our final day of Spring Term, we took some time to reflect over what the Lord has been teaching us throughout the week. We began the morning reading from our book, Generous Justice, about our role as believers in working to restore shalom, or harmonious peace, to the world. It is not until we see the true beauty of Christ that we can begin to do justice from a sincere heart.

It was so encouraging to hear the ways that each of the students were impacted personally throughout the week. Some students shared that they began to see that all people have value, and that we should not judge them based on their situation. Some were encouraged by the worshipful hearts of the people we served alongside this week, and were challenged to love God and others boldly. Others still were struck by the importance of knowing how to share our faith with those who have different beliefs than we do.

Throughout the week we went to Atlanta to serve the vulnerable there, and today we had a chance to encourage and love those with whom we come in contact every day. The students made goodie bags filled with candy and wrote encouraging notes to the faculty and staff here at the school in order to thank them for the work they do every day in sharing the love of Christ.

We had a celebratory Hibachi team lunch at Volcano Steak & Sushi, before heading back to the school for our final project together. We read Isaiah 58 together and discussed how God calls us to give sacrificially of our time, power, goods, and resources to those who are in need. The students made paintings to represent the five kinds of need we are called to meet in Isaiah 58, namely the need for freedom from oppression, the need for food, the need for housing, the need for clothing, and the need for respect. Our prayer is that God will increase our desire to serve those in need as we see the beauty of how He identified with the poor through his saving work on the cross.

Joanna Kimbrel

Colombia – Friday – 3.31.17

Today was our last full day in Colombia, and it was our beach day!   After breakfast on the rooftop of our hotel, we headed down to the marina to get on our boat.  The first stop was a little island called Cholon with tiki huts and beautiful turquoise water all around. We had fun jumping off from the boat and playing in the water. Although we wanted to stay longer, we left soon for our main destination, La Playa Blanca, also known as Baru.

This was where the money was because the water was clear and beautifully blue. The first thing that a couple of us did was put sunscreen on. We explored, swam, danced, and warded off vendors who tried to sell us massages, souvenirs, and ice cream. We eventually gave in and a few of us bought ice cream and Austin Ericson bought a full body massage! And Grady had fun catching a starfish and exploring the beach.  Our lunch on the beach was tilapia or chicken with patacones (basically flat, baked plantains), salad, and arroz con coco (coconut rice).

The water was so beautiful – God’s creation is so amazing as it is written in Psalm 104:24-25,  “How many are your works, LORD! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures. There is the sea, vast and spacious, teeming with creatures beyond number— living things both large and small”!!

After a fun day at the beach, we left to escape the treacherous high tide around 3 p.m. and arrived near the walled city where our hotel is. We took a 10-minute walk to our hotel to clean off before dinner.  After a quick rest, we took a long walk to the wall of the walled city to take pictures and watch the sunset. Again, God’s creation is truly beautiful!  For dinner, we went to an Italian restaurant and we enjoyed our last night together in Colombia with good food and fellowship. We cannot wait to come back!!

— Kiki Saint-Aime & Hannah Jarvis

Quotes of the Day:

“OW! I think I stepped on the Bikini Bottom” -Reese Pascoe. (Reference to Sponge Bob)
“AY! Your engine noises are keeping me from relaxing! Get away!” -Señor McDonald to a boat
“No gracias…”- Us to the very persistent vendors on the beach
“You just gotta ride with the waves”- Kiki Saint-Aime (coming back on the boat)
“I think the fish I had for lunch is swimming in my stomach!” – Mrs. Jarvis (as we were riding back on the boat)


Appalachia – Friday – 3.31.17

Our last day to serve in Appalachia and it was a great day!  Just a few words:

From Meg Vo:  Today is the last day to finish our projects for the work camp, it went wonderfully. Our off-campus team finished the ramp and the new floor for Baxter and Marilyn, they both looked fantastic and marvelous even though they were not completely perfect. To think about the whole process that we had been through for the whole week, it is actually pretty impressive that we managed to finish the projects without any much trouble. We had a lot of fun, and while we were putting the food back in the freezer where it was supposed to be, Evan decided to make a “train” passing through the food with Caitlyn was the last person to rearrange the food in the freezer. It was fine until Coach King started joking around and made us pass the food faster. It ended up with a huge pile of food on the floor and Caitlyn was really confused. After we finished with everything, Marilyn told us to wait for her cookies that were being baked – they were exceptionally delicious. One thing that made my heart really warm and fuzzy was how Baxter and Marilyn expressed their thankfulness by writing us a thank you poem to everyone on the team. It had been a long week and to be honest, my first Spring Term with NCCS, which I was not very eager to participate in the beginning, changed my perspective about America and opened my eyes with a whole new experience that I could never forget.

From Julia Phillips:  Today I sat on the floor of a room for hours doing nothing but laying tile and then glue, and then more tile, and then more glue. I was instructed to let the glue sit for about an hour before putting any tile down, which meant that I had quite a bit of down time to reflect on the day and even on the week. Coming into the week, we had a goal to renovate a space that would become a commercial kitchen. We worked really well as a team, finishing a majority of our project quicker than Red Bird anticipated. This was huge because it meant we were able to do a little more than what we originally thought. As a senior, you want all the “lasts” you experience to be a really big highlight. For me, this week was more than I really could have hoped it would be. I’ve learned a lot about myself this week. I’ve learned a lot about God’s faithfulness in every situation, and that He is always on time. I’m walking away from my last spring term, with new friendships, with a new perspective on what it means to serve others well, and with a hope for what my life after graduation looks like. And, I’m walking away with the memory of everyone sitting around a fire singing Good, Good Father, and then promptly playing duck, duck, goose, which was really great!

From Erica Milbourn:  Today I was tiling in a room all day. The only reason why it took so long was because we had to wait an hour after laying the glue before we laid the tile down. As I entered the week of spring term I was filled with a lot of doubt about being the only freshman on the Appalachia team. I didn’t really know anybody going into the week and because I am a freshman I’m not necessarily considered “cool.” Fortunately, by the end of the week I have made many friendships that I hope will develop into close relationships. My experience at Red Bird has also made my faith with God much stronger than it was before because I no longer have labels on what I and others are. My favorite memory of the trip has to be all the interesting facts I learned about Aunt Nellie (aka Ms. Speck). I am very blessed to be able to on this trip and I hope I get to go again.

All in all, this team serves well!  We were assigned tasks and we worked hard to meet our goals.  The off-campus team built a ramp (moving the existing stairs, cutting lumber, digging holes for the posts, and screwing everything together according to plan) and repaired a kitchen floor (cutting out rotting joists and replacing with new wood, nailing down plywood, and installing vinyl flooring).  The on-campus team prepped a room for a new commercial kitchen (tearing out concrete walls & cabinets, prying up old tile, repairing holes in the wall, painting, putting down new tile, putting in new ceiling tiles, and constant sweeping).  But the physical work was just a part of what God did on the Appalachia Spring Term trip.  The Gospel was shared, hurting people were prayed for, new friends were made, praise songs were sung, hearts were lifted, and people were loved – all to the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I have been overwhelmed by this team. These students play hard and serve harder.  So many people in other groups commented as to how amazing our kids are – so polite and respectful, friendly, hard-working, fun – just a few words that others have specifically come to me to let me know they really noticed a difference in our kids. In other words, this team “Loved Out Loud”!!! Some are tired, some are sore, and some are ready to come home, but we all gave God the glory!

~ Cassie Carr, Appalachia Team Leader

Marine Biology – Friday – 3.31.17

Today was a really short day. We arrived at school at 8:00 and had a devotion. We talked for a little bit and prayed as well. We then headed down to the track field to paint rain barrels to help collect rain water. It was a little colder outside but not too bad.  We made four groups and each group had their own barrel. Painting them was not very hard and it was fun to do. Everyone’s looked pretty good in the end and we put them in the sun to dry. We all cleaned up our stuff and talked for a few minutes before Mr. Smith prayed and thanked God for this fun week. We all walked up to the biology room and carried groceries to Mrs. Hollars’

car for a canned food drive. Then everyone said goodbye and left to start spring break!


Marine Biology – Thursday – 3.30.17

Today was the most exciting day so far in my opinion. Today we went to the Tennessee Aquarium as well as on a river boat tour.  After about an hour and 15 minutes we arrived at the aquarium.

Everyone got out and we met in a group. From there we entered the salt water part of the aquarium. First, we saw lemurs and monkeys before we entered the stingray petting zoo and were able to pet them, as well as some sharks and fish. After that we went into the butterfly habitat and got to see the butterflies. We then proceeded to go visit the penguins and after that we got to see the massive fish tank and see all the beautiful fish that God has created.

After viewing the saltwater aquarium, we went on our boat tour of the Tennessee river. After we pulled out of the dock and started down the river, our tour guide started talking about different things. She first talked about the different barges along the sides of the river and what they did and the power of the boat we were on. We traveled down the river as she talked about birds and the different ones that migrated there. We were allowed after a while to go on top of the boat and look at things in the shore such as different birds. After we wrapped around this island and got back on the main river we headed back to the dock. Just before we got back, we were allowed to go on top of the boat while the captain made the boat do a 360 which was fun. After that we went to have dinner and ice cream. 

We then went into the freshwater aquarium to view some of the animals and fish. It was cool looking at the otters and then seeing all the large freshwater fish. We also saw some alligators as well as seahorses. After that we headed back to the front to meet up with the rest of the group and head home.



Local Missions: Cobb – Thursday – 3.30.17

Books for Africa

Today we went to Books for Africa in Atlanta. It was amazing to see how many books were donated. It was also eye opening to know that children in Africa my age haven’t even seen a book yet. I really enjoyed working with everybody to sort and package the books knowing that I’ll be  making a difference in someone’s life in Africa, allowing them to hold a book for the first time.
– Chandler Quigley

On day 4 of Local Missions: Cobb NCCS Spring Term, we went to the packaging facility for Books for Africa. It was a great opportunity to know that we can use older books that we no longer read to help those who do not have easy access to books. We got to separate the books into different categories and grades, so that when the African villages order books, they will get what will benefit them the most. It really opened me up to realizing what is just another old book that hasn’t been touched in years to us, could be a life changing item for another child.
– Robert Lang