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Top Gear – Thursday – 3.30.17

Top Gear Day Four was “racing for all the marbles.” 

All the racing we did today was for Amazon gift cards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places So, to start the day right everyone needed good energy. We had breakfast from Art’s bagels to give us the right fuel to make it through the day.

After a quick breakfast, we quickly went over the rules and laid out the brackets for our racing tournaments. There would be a Formula 1 bracket, a Gran Turismo Prototype Bracket, and Carrera Digital 124 Slot car bracket. Then we started playing our way through the brackets. One of the best moments was Thomas racing Isaac with the finish line in sight, Thomas somehow did a 180 turn in the middle of final straightaway, Isaac runs into Thomas (and spun him around more), and wins the race. It was one of the craziest moments on the track. Nick Henderson was tops in Gran Turismo Prototype racing, and Connor McArdle won the Formula 1 racing.

The racing on the “big track” with the Carrera Digital 124 Slot Cars was very heated and exciting. The chants “Ronnie, Ronnie” rang throughout the room. Once again guys raced in their brackets to advance. The Final Four came down to Ronnie Piepmeier, Kyle Pierre, Jake Watson, and Nick Henderson. Three of those four guys having the fastest times the entire week. Nick Henderson pulled out an impressive victory and the overall fastest 1 lap of the entire week.

We finished the day with an impromptu race at Daytona on the PS3. Daniel Clark won the tournament and gift cards to Andretti’s.

Tomorrow is our service project by doing oil changes, maintenance, and car detailing for some of the ladies on staff at NCCS.


Top Gear – Wednesday – 3.29.17

Day 3 started with Devotions from 2 John 1:6: “And this is love, that we walk after his commandments. This is the commandment, that as you have heard from the beginning, you should walk in it.” We discussed what does it mean, that if we say we love God,  to “walk” after his commandments.

After devotions and a little game time, we headed over to the new Andretti’s Entertainment Center. We first got to bowl in the glow and the dark bowling alley while we ate lunch. The BBQ Chicken sliders were awesome. Coach Speck won bowling, with Seth Resnick in second, and Coach Williams in third.

Next, we headed upstairs to experience go-cart and to put our driving skills to the test. We found out that Udochi is a beast after he put a couple guys into the wall. He may be quiet, but he did not like to get  passed. Luke Barrett was very disappointed that he couldn’t pass Mr. Williams, Kyle Pierre, Jake Watson, and Daniel Clark were all upset that someone got them turned backward (no one was hurt thankfully). The very cool thing about the go-carts was that they are all electric- no gas motors. Andretti Motorsports is known as one of the leaders in electric racing on the Formula E Circuit. Thomas Tucker took the day winning heat 1, he might be a future Formula E star in the making.

When the go-carts were finished, the guys headed up to the skytrail above the arcade. Even though Ronnie Piepmeier and Grant Stavas were scared they finished the course, overcoming their fear of heights. James Howard, who has no such fear,  literally ran the course. The guys also got to play laser tag- go red team!

Finally, we ended the day playing video games at Andretti’s for the last hour. The highlight for Coach Speck and many of the guys who tried it, was Andretti’s huge racing simulator. Coach Speck said it was well worth the $12.75 he paid extra. He was a big fan.

Tomorrow, is full-out racing competition for gift cards. The racing should be “fast and furious”!

Aaron Williams

Top Gear – Tuesday – 3.28.17

After a devotion where we talked about focusing on what is ahead of us in our Christian walk, the Top Gear Guys had some time to sharpen their racing skills. Some of the guys worked on racing Formula 1, some on Prototype Racing, some went over to the big track in Mr. Williams’ room to race their Carrera Digital 124 cars (Ronald Piepmeier set the new fastest lap!), and others had fun playing Mario Cart. The guys also enjoyed lots of food, snacks, and drinks!

As soon as the bus got back on campus from dropping the 8th graders off at the airport, Top Gear headed out to Sugarloaf Mills Mall to race at Sling Shots Speedway. This is an indoor track that is about 400 ft long where six slot cars can race side by side at one time. Some of the cars can reach top speed of 45mph. The guys who were able to keep their cars on the track were able to set the fastest lap and complete the most laps each race. Some guys still needed more practice at the end of our session- you can’t accelerate in the middle of the turn, or you will fly off the track. A lot of cars went airborne, and some even flew off the track. Coach Speck got the most laps in, with Seth Carden setting the fastest lap overall.

We ate lunch in the Mall and afterward the guys toured Bass Pro Shops! Thomas Tucker almost bought a boat! You will have to ask him about that one!

Tomorrow we will practice our racing skills at Andretti’s!

Aaron Williams

Top Gear – Monday – 3.27.17

We had several items on our agenda for today. First, everyone got to eat a nice hearty breakfast from Dunkin’ Donuts. After everyone got some energy to get going for the day, we headed over to Mr. Williams’ room to race on the huge Carrera Digital 124 race track. Everyone got to race multiple races in practice for the big March Madness tournament later in the week. So far, Zach Morning and his Porsche had the fastest time of the day.

After lunch, and some food/drink challenges (which Seth Carden and Nick Henderson won), we started our racing simulators on PS3 with 4 racing steering wheels playing F1 racing and Grand Turismo Racing. For a side challenge, we also had two Nintendo Wii’s playing Mario Cart. Later in the week we will have some big competitions on the racing simulations to win some Amazon gift cards.

Finally, we finished the day checking out a 1971 Chevy Corvette that is owned by Kayla and Connor Constantine’s dad, a 1969 Chevy Camaro owned by Jared Wyatt (a father of one of the 2nd graders), and a 2010 Porsche 911 Cup Racing Car owned by Caitlin Hudson’s father Aaron Hudson. All three gentlemen talked about their cars and what they did to cars.  Mr. Hudson also talked about getting into road racing with his Porsche, and how road racing applies to our Christian Walk. Of course the highlight was hearing all three cars starting and running. They were awesome!

Aaron Williams