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Xtreme Men – Day 5

Because of rain, Xtreme had to change up our plans. We started with a great breakfast at Paradise Donuts! Zach Bollinger said the Oreo donuts were awesome. We had to cancel our paintball activity, to Mr. Williams’ sad regret. Instead we played Ultimate kickball and then we went to lunch at Subway.

After a good hearty lunch, we headed over to Skyzone. The guys had a great time playing Skyzone Dodgeball and Dunk Contests. All in all it was a great week for Extreme men. We had a lot of laughs and a great time and we learned being extreme is pretty tough!

Aaron Williams
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Xtreme Men Team – Day 4

Day 4 was the toughest day for the Xtreme Men. Mr. Faulk did an devotion on how to treat women- that was good. Then we went to Publix in Alpharetta to take a grilling class. Keyshawn and Hunter were “killing it” on the grill. The grilled up some flank steak, potatoes, and squash. Then everyone got to eat what they cooked. They guys were much better grillers than the girls (Proverbs 31:30) according to popular sentiment. We were told their steaks were much more flavorful, tender, and juicy!

After lunch, we went to Blanket’s Creek Mountain Bike Trail in Canton. It was a very hard trail, almost straight uphilll. So hard, we found out, that some of the guys’ bikes were not so extreme. Half of the Xtreme men had to turn back because their chains broke, tires popped, or they crashed. Hunter Ware almost took out the entire basketball team! Conner Kailey flipped over the handle bars twice. After a very high climb up the mountain, we had a very fun downhill. It was crazy fast with huge roots, big rocks, and fast-sharp turns. We ended the run going down the EXPERT trail. Stephon rocked the run going very high on a 90 degree-banked turn. All the guys were cut up, torn up, and worn down after day 4 of being extreme!

Aaron Williams

Xtreme Men Team – Day 3

Today the Xtreme Men started their day with fuel from Chick-fil-A. After a good breakfast, we headed to Logan Park to do some clean up. The boys raked a lot of leaves up in a short amount of time. They also got a good word from Acworth Chief of Police and NCCS parent, Wayne Dennard, who gave a brief, but powerful challenge for these men to remember many eyes are looking up to them.

After their clean up, Jay McAnnally set up a tug-of-war challenge in the park. If the boys hands weren’t hurting from mountain biking and racing go-carts, they were hurting from the tug-of-war contest. Conner Kailey was a beast- just ask Zach Pruitt who was bested in a one-on-one contest.

Then we headed to Johnny’s Pizza for lunch. Then, armed with a lot of movie candy, the boys went to NCG for an extreme movie with the Proverbs 31:30 girls.

Tomorrow, the Xtreme men will meet up with the Proverbs 31:30 ladies again for a grilling class at Publix and then we will rough it with some more mountain biking in the afternoon. It should be another extreme day.

Aaron Williams



Xtreme Men Team – Day 2

Day 2 of Xtreme Men began with a great devotion by Mr. Faulk on a man’s responsibility. He really challenged the guys to live up to God’s plan for a man.

We had a little time to kill after devotions, so we decided to play an extreme game of kickball! The pavilion was the perfect place for this. Tim Bourne’s team won 14-10 against Tate Pointer’s team. It was the best game of kickball since 3rd grade.

After kickball, the Xtreme Men left for Andretti Indoor Go-carts (Andretti as in Mario and Michael Andretti the famous racing family). There we had a blast racing the very fast go-carts, then a great lunch, explored a ropes course above the arcade, zip-lined above the go-cart track, climbed glow-in-dark rock climbing walls, and finally ended the day with an all-out assault for one hour with video games. It was an action-packed day. By the way, for those curious on who was the quickest of the 16 Extreme Men on the Andretti go-carts- Mr. Williams was the fastest followed by Tate Pointer. The slowest- well you might want to ask Hunter Ware about that….

Tomorrow, we have another service project with Mr. McAnnally and then an Extreme Movie.


Xtreme Men Team – Day 1

Xtreme Men had an awesome day 1. We started with a manly breakfast at Art’s Bagels. After getting our fuel for the day, we were taught valuable skills of how to use a chainsaw by Jay McAnnally. Even though the guys did not get to actually use a chainsaw, Jay taught them chainsaw safety, and why those skills could come in handy one day. Jay has a special passion for helping those hurt by catastrophes, like tornadoes, where a chainsaw comes in handy. The boys all shared a Bible verse that was important to them and wrote the references down on a piece of cut wood that Jay gave them.

After a quick bite to eat for lunch, Xtreme Men headed down to do some mountain biking. To warm up, all the boys lined up for a quick race around the outer loop of carline. Tim Bourne won the race. At the actual trail, Mr. Faulk led the way around 5 miles of up and down trails. Keyshawn Butts found out what not to do in the first five minutes when he hit his front brakes too hard and he flipped over the handle bars. He was okay, and so was Matt Clark and Tim Bourne who also flipped over the front of their bikes. We ended the first day all very sore from sitting on the bike seats for such a long time!

Tomorrow, we see who the fastest drivers are at Andretti Go-carts. It should be an extreme day!

Aaron Wiliams