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Xtreme Men – Friday – 4.1.16

Today was a great time for the final day of Xtreme Men! We started our day with a trip to Daddy’s Country Kitchen and everyone had the country breakfast buffet! This was a great way to supply energy for the long day we had planned!

After breakfast we finished up our devotion on Psalm 16. We looked at Psalm 16:9-11… “Therefore my heart is glad, and my whole being rejoices; my flesh also dwells secure. For you will not abandon my soul to Sheol,or let your holy one see corruption. You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” There was so much for us to dive into with these verses. Ultimately, we wrapped up our discussion on being Xtreme Men of Xtreme joy, and today we learned that we can have real, lasting joy in the presence of God. In summary, we learned that Xtreme Men seek Xtreme joy in God’s presence. Today we talked about real practical ways to seek this joy in God’s presence… particularly we saw ways to see this presence and joy in prayer and in God’s Word. As David says in Psalm 16 this is the “the path of life” and the way of “fullness of joy”! Sometimes it is so easy for us to turn prayer and Scripture study and meditation into a chore or homework instead of a way of hearing the voice of God and entering into God’s presence… But, that is the MOST Xtreme thing that any man could ever do… to seek and run hard after the God and His joyous presence!

After devotion we were able to finish up our service with the City of Acworth. We were able to dig up old shrubs on main street to make the bush beds look more clean and presentable for Acworth Art Fest. The City of Acworth Parks and Recreation Department was so thankful for the help and service we gave this week! Please join us in continuing to pray for the Acworth Art Fest,  and specifically praying that people would see the greatness of God in His creation!

Today we finished up our Xtreme sports and activities by going to an indoor trampoline park! We had a GREAT time playing trampoline tag, dunk contests, flip contests, and extreme trampoline dodgeball! We were able to play all kinds of of trampoline dodgeball games and the students had a blast… it’s amazing how much of a sweat you can work up jumping for 3 hours!

Here is a video of today’s fun!

Overall the Xtreme Men trip was a blast! We were so blessed to serve the City of Acworth and prepare the city for a beautiful welcome of the Acworth Art Fest. It was also so great to see students dive into Psalm 16 and discuss the Xtreme joy we can have in God gifts, the saints, creation, and God presence! It was also so much fun to participate in so many Xtreme sports and activities this week as we laughed together, competed together, and challenged and encouraged each other.

Sadly, the photos from today were deleted from my phone on accident… but please refer to the video above to see our fun adventures!

Mr. Ty Faulk

Xtreme Men – Thursday – 3.31.16

Xtreme Men started out today diving deep into Psalm 16. Today we looked at verses 5 and 6, “The Lord is my chosen portion and my cup; you hold my lot. The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.” As we have learned about seeking Xtreme joy in God, today we talked about the gift of God’s creation. Although we are called to seek our ultimate joy in God Himself, today we learned that God often shares this joy through His creation. This week we have seen so many beautiful things in God’s creation, and we have truly had time to enjoy His creation. On Monday we enjoyed Big Creek park as we zoomed through miles of singletrack trail, breathed in the fresh air, and witnessed the sun beam through the trees on river bed crossings. On Wednesday we flew through acres and acres of wooded property on zip line and traipsed over bridges that overlooked Snake Creek Gorge as the water broke across rocks. It’s so true that the Lord has given us a “beautiful inheritance”. As Xtreme Men, we are called to actively seek after this Xtreme joy that is found in God, His gifts, and His creation! Please pray that these men would drop any sins and idols and never settle for lesser joys than the beautiful and spectacular gifts that God gives us!

After devotion we were able to serve again with the City of Acworth; preparing more for the Acworth Art Fest. Today we laid mulch around the flower beds on Main Street and made the Main Street of Acworth look extra beautiful! We hope the people of the city will see this beautiful creation as the “beautiful inheritance” that is a gift from God Himself!

After service we went to Andretti Karting and Games! Today we were able to race some extreme go karting! Chris Allen came out victorious with Coach Steinichen and Coach Faulk taking a close second and third! After this we were able to play laser tag and have an hour of unlimited gaming where intense games of basketball shooting, 4-way air hockey, snowcross, speed of light, and other games broke out.

Tomorrow we wrap up Xtreme Men with a big country breakfast, serving the City of Acworth, finishing up and discussing Psalm 16, and playing extreme trampoline dodgeball!

Mr Ty Faulk

Xtreme Men – Wednesday – 3.30.16

Wow, what a day today for Xtreme Men! We were able to start off our day serving the City of Acworth. On Sunday, April 10th, the city will host the Acworth Art Fest, which is a great event for families. Today, we were able to clean up the park where children will be playing games and enjoying art activities. We cleaned up the debris and laid pine straw. Below is a picture of the finished product! After serving we took some time to pray with the city leaders for the Art Fest. We prayed that the art would point people to the beauty and goodness of God and that it would give Him glory… What a bold prayer for the City of Acworth… that the vision of the city would point people to the glorious nature of God and His abundant grace!

Before service this morning we were able to dive into Psalm 16:3… “As for the saints in the land, they are the excellent ones, in whom is all my delight.” We learned today that being Xtreme Men of Xtreme Joy means seeking the community and wellbeing of others; specifically other believers. Service should not only be seen as a sacrifice or a chore, but as a delight! We hope, as we continue to serve this week, that we would drink deeply of the satisfaction and joy that is offered in serving our neighbors and our city.

We were also able to practice taking enjoyment in one another as we went to Banning Mills and did the level 4 Extreme Zipline and Canopy tour. Although some claimed that they weren’t scared of heights, many of us were humbled by the experience. Our own leader, Nick Steinichen, was only able to make it to level 2 before he decided that the zip line bridge crossings were not for him. Once we made it to level 4 we were crossing single log bridges over 100 feet over the ground and single zipline bridges 50 feet over ground. The tour finished up with a 600 foot zip line bridge that was 300 feet over the gorge, and with the Screaming Eagle zipline, where we leaped off a 30 story tower for a 1,000 feet descent reaching high speeds of 75 miles per hour! This was a great time for students to encourage one another. Hopefully today students (and leaders) conquered some fears and grew as more confident individuals! Most of all, we hope we learned how to seek Xtreme Joy in God, in our brothers, in service, and in His creation!

Here is a video from our awesome time on extreme zipline and high ropes!

Tomorrow we continue to serve the City of Acworth and we move the adventure indoors as we go to Andretti Karting and Games!

Ty Faulk

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Xtreme Men – Tuesday – 3.29.16


Today was another blast of day for Xtreme Men! Our adventure started this morning diving deeper into Psalm 16 as we looked at Psalm 16:4… we examined how “the sorrows of those who run after other gods shall multiply.” As we looked at becoming men that seek Xtreme joy, we saw that there are many things that can kill this joy. We can turn so many good things into “god’s” or turn to so many sins that will only multiply our sorrows. As Xtreme Men we learned that we must wage war against lesser gods and our sin.

To give a physical picture of war against idols, we are able to go play paintball! The students had a blast playing paintball as we were able to play several different types of games at Arkenstone Paintball. As we played, it was great to see the intensity, focus, strategy, and willpower that the students had at competing in paintball. It was a great reminder of the same will and intensity that we should have in defeating idols and sins that bring us so much sorrow!

Here is a short video clip of us playing paintball!

Tomorrow we serve the city of Acworth and head out to Banning Mills to do the Extreme Canopy Zip line, High Ropes, and Bridges tour! Please pray for the students as we conquer our fears and seek joy in encouragement and service of others!  

Ty Faulk


Xtreme Men – Monday – 3.28.16

Xtreme Men got off to a GREAT start today with a trip out to Big Creek MTB trails in Roswell! After a good start with some donuts we were able to spend some time discussing Psalm 16. In this short course we will be diving into Psalm 16 and applying it as we do Xtreme sports!

Today we learned that being Xtreme Men means that we seek Xtreme JOY in God and His gifts… we learned that “apart from You (God) I have no good thing” (Psalm 16:2). Today we encountered many “good things,” from donuts, to God’s beautiful creation, to remarkably designed trials, to geniusly engineered bikes, and through all of these we learned that the only way to truly enjoy these gifts is to see them as reasons to praise and bring glory to the God who gives us ALL of these good things!  

Also, students just had a BLAST riding mountain bikes! We started our mountain bike adventure getting set up on bikes from Cycleworks in Roswell. We were able to rent Trek bikes and everyone was so excited to be on such nice bikes! We then went over to Big Creek MTB Trails and explored around 15 miles of trails! There was a variety of singletrack trails with pump tracks, burms, loose rocks, tight turns and trees, roots, obstacles, tabletops, screaming downhills, and jumps. We all had a blast! Watch our video below to see some of the fun mountain biking we did! Tomorrow we head out to play paintball and dive deeper into what it means to deny lesser gods and seek joy in our amazing God.  

Check out the mountain bike adventure video HERE!

Ty Faulk