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Appalachia Team – Day 7

For our last day here in Eastern Kentucky we wrapped up several projects we’d been working on this week. Will Coleman led the camp in a devotion before breakfast from Psalm 127: “Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.” He reminded us that whatever we build or do is meaningless if we’re not doing it for God.
The on-site group wrapped up paint jobs, pulled nails, cleaned up our work sites, and loaded up the crew’s van for next week. Annabelle’s foot was still hurting, but she wanted to help pull nails. That job site was at the top of a huge hill so we took a tandem scooter ride up the side of the mountain. In the words of G.K. Chesterton, “an inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.”
We finished our work early and went out to Miss Ruth’s house so that everyone would have a chance to meet her. The whole team was eager to sit with her once more and say goodbye. The crew at Miss Ruth’s house managed to finish the new floor for her bedroom and still have time to explore some of the antiques and oddities in her garage like this awesome old truck. We were grateful to have spent time with such a delightul woman.

Our group had a fantastic week in Appalachia! We learned how to hammer and drill and saw and paint, stood in awe of natural beauty, encountered deep need, met warm and generous people, prayed with burdened hearts, and came away with a clearer picture of who Jesus is. Tonight a majority of our group said they wanted to come back, and everyone agreed unanimously that this was a Spring Term trip everyone should go on before graduation. We are packing up to drive home first thing in the morning tomorrow. When we go, we will pray for the group that comes after us and builds on the works God has done through us. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


Kate Seat


Charleston Team – Day 5

After visiting the Hunley Museum, the Charleston team made the journey back to Kennesaw. The drive was long, but we arrived home safely. Everyone seemed to have two things on their minds: food and sleep.

Overall, the week was a success. We had an awesome time coming together and enjoying the beautiful city of Charleston!

Anna Clare Freel

Savannah Team – Day 3

Sav4 Sav5For the final day of the trip, we boarded our buses and headed to the Wormsloe Historic Site. We walked the trails, visited the plantation ruins, and observed how people lived and worked back in the 1700’s. We also enjoyed a friendly game of Cricket… well most of us, Mrs. Pierre got just a bit competitive… Then it was lunch time at the picnic area before heading off to Fort Jackson. Here we learned about military life in colonial days and we even saw them shoot a real-life canon.

We want to thank Mrs. Brown for all of her hard work in making this the best Spring Term ever!!! Also, a special thanks to our teachers, Mrs. Rich, Mr. Oliver and Mrs. Tysinger! Last but not least, thank you to all the chaperones, especially Mr. Tucker for the rain ponchos, Mrs. James for the draw-string bags, water bottles and hand sanitizers; and Mr. and Mrs. Guarino for the water and snacks. THANK YOU! We cannot wait until next year!

Maxin Pierre, NCCS Parent

Culinary Cooking Team – Day 5

Our final day brought the first ever NCCS Breakfast Challenge.  The Waffle Tacos and The Fearless Forks were facing off as they prepared breakfast for our faculty and staff.  This week these young chefs learned the importance of behind the scenes prep work. Christian, T.J., Madelyn, and Mark arrived bright and early at 6:00 am.  The others arrived shortly after them.  The staff dining room was immediately buzzing with activity as they began decorating their tables so they would be ready to start their food.  Each team created a menu and assigned various responsibilities to their team members. Communication and team work was an important part to the success of this event.  With the clock ticking, the chefs began their jobs.

The Fearless Forks planned a Hawaiian theme to get everyone in the mood for spring break.  Madelyn created two amazing smoothies – Very Berry and Mango Tango. These cool, sweet drinks were topped with colorful straws and bright umbrellas.  Ashley mixed up some cheesy eggs that were perfectly cooked. Melissa prepared some bacon cups and a sweet cinnamon vanilla syrup.  Phillip and T.J. worked diligently on the chooolate chip waffle skewers with strawberries and bananas.  The sweet taste of milk chocolate was a nice addition to the fruit. The skewers were displayed coming out of a pineapple making it very eye-catching. The Fearless Forks table was full of color flowers, leis, and creativity!

Across the room, The Waffle Tacos were displaying an Americana theme.  The traditional red, white, blue was seen on their patriotic table.  Christian showed off his amazing knife skills as he cut all the fruit, creating beautiful skewers filled with cantaloupe, strawberries, and grapes.  Mark made some flavorful bacon candy that had people asking for this recipe.  He also created a warm maple blueberry syrup to accompany Eden’s perfect silver dollar pancakes.  Nykilah cooked 40+ over medium eggs as she dropped them into a honey wheat bread to create “birds in a nest”. Orange juice and sweet tea accompanied this breakfast.  The Waffle Tacos captured a delicious taste element in their food!

Beginning at 7:15 am, over 60 faculty and staff came through their serving lines.  Excitement was in the air as the chefs described their dishes trying to earn the votes.  We challenged the faculty and staff to judge the food based taste, presentation, creativity. They were given 6 tickets, allowing them to divide their votes or even give them all to one team. The chefs cooked and served nonstop for a solid hour.  The delicious smells permeated the halls of the school. Both teams did an AMAZING job!  We were so proud of all their hard work!  After cleaning up the staff dining room, food, and dishes, the tickets were counted.  It was very close, but in the end The Fearless Forks prevailed and took the NCCS breakfast challenge win.

It felt like we had been up for hours, but we still had a full day ahead of us.  We made a quick stop at Starbucks to give us a little boost of energy for our day ahead at The Mill Restaurant in Roswell. Executive Chef, Benjamin Castro, who is Mrs. Poplin’s Uncle, provided an incredible experience for us. Chef Castro began by giving us a tour of the Front House of the restaurant. The front of house is where the interaction takes place between the servers, hosts and guests. This tour included the fascinating history of the restaurant and the building.  The Mill is a farm to table restaurant, so everything is fresh grown and bought locally. They are also considered a “green” restaurant, which is an asset for our environment.  We learned that there is a Back House to every restaurant. The Back of the House includes the walk in freezer, walk in fridge, dry storage, prep kitchen, hot line, cold line, garnishing line, and pastry room.  It is amazing to see the small space that these chefs work in as they produce 250-300 dishes every night.

After the walking tour, we headed upstairs to learn more.  Chef Castro share his culinary experience and we had the opportunity to ask questions. We enjoyed tasting some of their fabulous appetizers comprised of Pimento Cheese Fritters, Deviled Eggs, and Black Eye Pea Hummus served with Pita Bread.  Following our taste testing, we enjoyed a delicious lunch that we did not have to cook ourselves!  The owner, Randy McCray, came to see us and talked about the business end of owning a business.  He shared three keys for a successful restaurant. These include strong leadership in both the Back and Front of House, the right location, and customer service.  Together, these three elements will make or break a restaurant.  We learned that the failure rate of restaurants is 97%.

We ended with a cooking demonstration. Chef Castro showed us his terrific knife skills as he cut apart a full chicken into pieces in less than one minute. He did it a second time and slowly showed us how to correctly cut a full chicken.  Mrs. Poplin and I have continued to learn new cooking skills ALL week!

After this busy day, we headed back to school feeling accomplished as we were able to take apply our new skills to serve others.  We have been reminded to “Taste and See”  both in the kitchen and in our spiritual lives.  God has great plans for these young chefs and we can’t wait to see how they use their gifts and talents to honor and glorify the Kingdom of God!

Bon Appetit!

Wendy Titus

San Francisco Team – Day 6

Our final day in San Francisco was no less busy than the previous five days. The students began the day by going to serve with an organization located in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco called City Impact. This place was amazing and the vast variety of services they provide was astounding. The students were divided up into smaller groups and were able to choose an area of service that best suited their personal interest.

Adam, Morgan J., and Anna joined me in working in the school that is run by City Impact. They have classes for grades kindergarten through eighth grade. They spent the hours moving and organizing school supplies for the school, which is located on about three different streets. Garrett, Chandler, and James joined Mr. Rupp in what City Impact called Spring Spot, which is an area where people in need can come in and talk, play games, or just hang out. Kendyll, Carissa, Tanner, Morgan S., Michael, and Zoe helped out in a thrift store that is operated by City Impact. Casey was the most versatile volunteer, who did everything from cleaning restrooms to moving carpets. Nick fortunately found his passion and was placed on helping them to repair and set up their computer systems. Mr. Jackson was also in his element helping in the administration area in designing a flyer for them to use. It was so cool to watch the students help impact this city for Christ by doing things that they were naturally good at doing and all the while, just seeing the joy and love of Christ shine through them.

After our service time, we headed back to the Ferry Building for lunch and to Over the Moon for homemade ice cream sandwiches. Casey managed to match his previous record of three ice cream sandwiches. We then headed out to visit a few of the icons of San Francisco. It was so fun to drive down Lombard Street, which did not have a sign that we could see prohibiting vans! Coit Tower was closed, but still offered a fantastic view of the city from the base. The students were then able to split into groups to cover some individual interests. Mr Rupp was able to get tickets to a Giants game at the AT&T stadium. He and Mr Jackson took several students to this exciting event before heading to the airport. The remaining students took a stroll down to Pier 39 to visit the sea lions during the daylight hours. They were so fun to watch! After Pier 39, we took a cable car ride back up to Union Square for those last minute Nike Store and Apple Store visits before departing for the airport.

It was so evident at the airport that the students were tired and happy to be heading back to North Cobb Christian School. It was a much more quiet ride home, as most of the students were able to sleep and the tailwinds cut the flight time from six to four hours. I want to say on behalf of Mr. Jackson, Mr. Rupp, and myself, that we truly have the most awesome jobs in the world and love everyone of these precious students! Thank you for sharing them with us this past week. Praying that all will get the much needed rest over Spring Break.
Mrs K

College Tour Team – Day 5

As expected, we woke up with torrential rain in Auburn which was forecasted to continue through the afternoon. It was just too miserable to tour. We are so thankful that after arriving at Auburn last night and meeting up with Avian Brown and Andrew Nuckolls, they were willing and able to give us a personalized tour at night before the weather turned.

Avian was just the best Auburn host! Clark was able to go with her to her 8:00am Biology class. Avian’s schedule allowed for her to then join the rest of the group for a fabulous buffet breakfast at The Hotel at Auburn where we stayed. She made herself available for our group to ask more questions. Thanks Avian and we are so proud of you!

Of course we shopped for Auburn apparel before heading back home!

A few reminders for my group of God’s promises as you search for God’s plan in your life.

I Cor 2:9-10 No eye has seen, nor ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.

Proverbs 15:22 Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors they succeed.

Psa 32:8 The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.”

Karen Bollinger


5th Grade Aquarium Trip

The fifth grade class had a marvelous time at the GA Aquarium! First, the students attended a “Weird and Wild” class to find out some interesting facts about the creatures God has created. Then later on that day, the students and chaperones went on a self-guided tour of the Aquarium. In the afternoon, everyone attended the fantastic dolphin show. A trip to the gift shop completed the fun day!